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Will everyone stop harking on comparing AJ's to Francis' situation!!!

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So many posters believe that Damo''s situation is similar to that of Johnsons at Palarse?! There are major differences in the reasons behind these situations.

Firstly, Simon Jordan the chairman is wealthy enough (and had alot of unpleasant experience with agents) to not have to be made to sell him. Secondly, Johnson deserves to be in the Premiership. Its fair that most of his goals have been penalties, but I think he is better than that. He makes alot of opportunities for others, and if anything, needs to concentrate on his finishing.

Thirdly, He has just made his debut for England, and the World Cup only happens every 4 years, he deserves to be given the best chance as possible to make the squad. Despite the claim that Sven won''t overlook him for playing in CCCL, lets be honest, there are going to be strikers making their mark this season (Owen, Rooney, Defoe, Smith, Beattie, Vassell, Carlton Cole, Crouch......the list is endless!) whats worth more? 10 premiership goals or 20 CCCL goals.

Now lets look at Francis. The promotion season he wasn''t a guarenteed starter, mixed with Mullers from what I can remember. He signed a new contract recently, he must of had a fair idea that we wouldn''t be in the premiership. Now, his agent claims he has proven his Premiership class. Lets be honest, pre-injury he was superb, post injury he did absoluely nothing. As for ambition, "Damien has set his sights 100% on a move to Portsmouth. Ambition my a**e! They are most peoples tip to go down, have a crap stadium, an unproven manager, and hardly any star players

AJ deserves to be in the top division. Francis doesn''t. simple.  I hear alot of people say "if he wears yellow and green then he''ll have my support", well I wont. I''m pretty much with DD on this. If I am still paying his wages through tickets, shirts, merchadise, etc, then I, and everyone else, deserves to let their feelings known to him

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