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Our Midfield was too defensive but

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Yes I think if in the current situation, Hughes and Charlton with Francis leff Safri not fit Jarrett not fit, will cause little problem to us, but if you look at what wide midfielders, or wingers we will play, it would be not bad if we are forcing to play two DM there: Marney and Huckerby. Honestly, do you expect both players will run 60 yards back to help out our defense? I think in the St. Mary''s Stadium last season, the answer was already proved.

It maybe not success in the Premiership, but I think in the Championship we will be fine of that. We have two qualty wide players, two Premiership quality wide players, perhaps every team would already concern how to stop those two players to get the cross in.

Maybe it worked tomorrow liked that:


Louis-Jean   Fleming  Shackell  Drury

                  Hughes   Charlton

Marney                                   Huckerby

                   Ashton  McKenzie

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