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London Marathon

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Wow, 2:22 is almost professional standard Swindon. When I ran the London

Marathon a few years back I was lucky to do 100 miles a month! I know

the guy that did a 2:21 yesterday, 5th out of the non-elites. I

am listed as a "did not start" which is a shame. My body does not like

anything over 2 runs a week. But still hope for a pb half marathon in a

couple of months. I find training for halfs managable, but a full is too

time consuming and hard on the legs and body.I agree that speedwork is the key, that is why I don''t get faster, I don''t do any! Well done to Adam. Also, great times from a Karl and Lincoln.

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All going wonderful at 8 miles was on for a sub 4 easily then disaster struck massive pain in back of leg and then got worse.

Limped round the next 18 miles and still got home in 4:32


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