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the best day of the year

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at last


The new football season starts and we can kiss goodbye to all those lazy summer (!?) days and constantly wondering what to do on a saturday afternoon!  It''s time to do what we all do best and that''s get down to FCR and give the boys all the support we can.  It wasn''t for nothing that Norwich fans won awards on Five Live at the end of last season as best fans in the premiership. 

To all of those who can''t be there for real, we will sing our hearts out for you and hope that soon our ground can be expanded to cope with the demand.  To those of you, like me, lucky enough to be there, let''s not get into any negative, petty stuff about who should be playing - we will have plenty of time for that, should we not do well.  Being bookies'' favourites to go up is a bit of a millstone, but come on, we must be favourites for a reason, I can''t wait to see all the new players and how they are going to gell into our team, the team we all support and cheer on, in good times and bad.

It''s the first day of the season, and for me, the best day of the year!


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