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1st Red card?

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I see that the players are under threat of a straight red card if they display any threatening behaviour towards the ref.  I dont think this will affect city at all as worthy seems to have removed the majority of dissent from the players, which was particularly visible last season.

However it is only a mtter of time before we see a red card for this and wonder who you think it is likely to be for city?  I have fears for Hux (lack of protection) and suspect we may see the first one against Palace next weekend.

Leeds/millwall and soton/wolves (ince) could be interesting this weekend and I am looking forward to watching rooney, neville and keane taking an early bath if any prem ref has the cojones to  apply the laws.

Personally I dont think the rule change was needed - the laws already allowed for a booking for foul and abusive language but the refs didnt the the back bone to apply it to the high profile clubs who regularly use this type of intimidation.

The media fears the passion will be taken out of the game - but I cant see that happening; and if it means more respect for the refs with less hounding/chasing around the pitch then all the better - if worthy can instil discispline nto his team then so can any other manager.



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