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Hank shoots Skyler

Predictions for Saturday?

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As two of the biggest games of my Norwich City supporting career

draw ever closer I just hope that they are followed up with an even more important

game after that!


I personally think that it is absolutely vital for our chances

of progressing to the final that we go into the Home Leg without any kind of deficit.

If Ipswich have something to hold on to going in to that game, even as slender

as a one goal lead, I can see us being stifled out into a 0-0 draw. With an overriding

feeling of déjà vu and utter frustration as Ipswich players drop like flies

across the pitch and remain camped on their 18 yard line for the entirety of

the game..


With this in mind it makes Saturday’s match the focal point

of the match up IMO. If we can just avoid losing I would be very confident in our

chances of progressing.


I’m going to go for a hard fought 1-1 draw. A scrappy game,

similar to the reverse fixture at Carrow Road, where neither team manages to build

any kind of meaningful momentum/dominance. An early Norwich goal to be

cancelled out by a second half Ipswich equaliser that gives them a bit of a

lift going in to the second leg.


Fortunately it won’t be even close to enough for them.

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I think a slender 1-0 lead will be good as they then have the pressure of having to come at us at CR, I also think with our away record as it stands, we will have less nerves this Saturday than next, so any more than 1 will be a bonus.

I don''t think for one minute that it will be easy, but I do have a good feeling for both legs, but that may turn to nerves more as the week goes on, "come on you yellows !!"

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We only get one shot at this ( well two with each leg, but you catch my drift), no room for pecermisim this time... League game we can chalk off this ain''t.

So with that in mind, I''m going for 2-0 to Norwich, Jerome and Howson. An Ipswich red card before the break too.

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