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Stupid question but would losing to Ipswich really be as bad as we imagine? Obviously it would be painful and gutting but I just wonder whether our own imagination of what it would be like is much worse than how bad the scummers cld make it

. I imagine its something I''d never get over. The thought of losing makes me wake feeling sick. But if whoever wins then loses in the final the pain may only last 2 weeks.

I know I''m talking jibberish really I just need reassurance I guess. I''m very needy.

I try to be optimistic but football fans r a little paradoxical (maybe a new word) every august starts full of optimism that this is our year yet we worry about every single game.

They could do a Luton on us..

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Fear ? really means.....

Forever Expecting Awful Results

No need to fear, AN will prevail, it could also mean;-

False Evidence Appearing Real

Contrary what we have seen from the binders this season, they may turn up on saturday and turn in a footballing masterclass, not going to happen.

As the Japanes kamikaze pilots were taught, No Fear No Surrender, No worries.....

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