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Student magazine - NCFC here and abroad

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Hi guys,

Hope you''re all okay, all coping with the wait to Saturday. Lord knows I''m not.

I''m writing a piece for a student magazine at university about being a Norwich City fan and just have a few questions I wondered if you wouldn''t mind answering? As many as possible is great - just feel free to add your input to whichever are applicable.

What does being a Norwich City fan mean to you?

When abroad, how aware are people of Norwich City and Championship football as a whole? Do people know who we are?

What do you feel the benefit can be of a supporter''s group?

If you''re an international fan, what sort of coverage does the Championship receive where you live?

How has social media changed the way that being a football fan works? has it been good to be able to network with more fans? Bad?

I think that just about covers everything.

Cheers guys, hope everyone is having a decent start to their week!


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supporter since 1946 now living in Tasmania. Champion league games highlights and some matches including all play offs on Bein Sports pay T.V. Canaries Player subscriber for live commentary of all city matches Aussie time depending on time of year maybe 2 a,m maybe mid night. Play off Saturday 9-15 p,m. Once belong to Canaries down under but too far away from base. Enjoy jack reeves videos, twitter and facebook . Radio Norfolk Canary Call rarely able to make a contribution but listen. also scrimmage on Radio Norfolk Play it again. Know four or five locals who follow city. In the 1960''s only contact posted Pinkun one week old as against today instantaneous on the net. BBC Overseas during the night only depending on weather conditions. Premier league all matches live on pay t,v. here is to next season O,T,B,C,

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