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Lots of positives from the game yesterday. First of all the attitude was very good. Some clubs down from the Premiership have looked as if they think they will just walk it back again, but there was a lot of hard work throughout the team yesterday trying to get he ball back- which unfortunately they had to do a lot of. Second, the new signings all looked like they have something to offer. In particular,  MLJ didnt put a foot wrong- although could possibly have looked to get forward more, Marney produced some good crosses and seems a lot more robust than Bentley, and Hughes is good defensively. Third, the front 3, as we knew, are too good for this level. Huckerby, when we finally brought him into the game in the last 15mins, was excellent.

Concerns however are (1) Doherty is going to be exposed on the left side of defence due to his lack of a left foot and occasional passing lapses- he nearly gave a chance away right at the end because of this and Shackell would surely be a safer bet. Doherty won a lot of headers and I thought did OK but balance seems wrong. Is it time to drop Fleming to the bench? (2) Real lack of creativity in centre midfield- hopefully solved when Safri and/or possibly Jarrett are fit. We give possession away too cheaply at times with punts over the top, and Green also seems to always be looking for the quick long ball to Huckerby and the quality is very ropey.  (Huck doesnt want the ball in the air anyway.) Against weaker teams we have got to keep the ball better, build up more slowly at times and take control of the game. Yesterday was too frenetic and allowed a very ordinary side to keep getting back into it. Add in a few bizarre referring decisions and pretty much anything can happen.

Long way to go. Lets hope for improvements against Crewe...

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