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You may disagree with some of this...

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This is how I thought the team played today. On what I saw today, we need a new central defence (if Shax is being overlooked) plus two central midfielders who can pass the ball and create moves. We also need one of them to get into goalscoring positions.   

Greeno - Great save from the free kick; not much he could do about the goal.

MLJ - Will do OK for us this season, based on today.

Fleming - On the whole, very poor again. Why he didn''t go out to McSheffrey to close him down just before the goal is anyone''s guess; he actually ran away from McS, allowing him to cross the ball in.

The Doc - I really, really, want the Doc to do well, but he was absolutely dire today.

Drury - Solid enough.

Marney - Put in more crosses in his first game than Jonson did all last season. An impressive start.

Hughes - Very disappointing. A younger version of Holt; charged around trying to tackle people, but had no impact on the game whatsoever.

Charlton - Did very well, despite playing out of position.

Hucks - Some good runs, but every team knows how to play him now.

Leon - But for two brilliant saves from Bywater, would have been on the scoresheet. But my daughter could time her runs better than him - how difficult is it to stay onside, especially up against a geriatric like Page, who Leon could outpace with a five yard start?

Deano - Looked a bit rusty, but showed signs of his class. Took his goal well.

Thorne - Looked good on the ball, but he''s a striker, Worthy, so why paly him as a right winger!

Worthy - First of all, why play Fleming and / or the Doc when you''ve got Shacks (and possibly Colin) to play in central defence? Your stubbornness not to drop Fleming (until even YOU realise he''s awful) will cost us many points and perhaps promotion. Why bring Jarrett on for only 4 minutes??!! For your ''To DO'' list - buy a decent central defender to partner Shacks; Ben Chorley (MK Dons) would do nicely. Buy at least one creative midfielder, so that we don''t have to keep lumping the ball from back to front.

This is going to be a make-or-break season for Mr Worthington. I know it''s only one game, but if that''s the best central defence and midfield we can / wish to put out, we''ll be lucky to make the play-offs.

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