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Horse Renoir

"Could only beat us down to 10 men"

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I keep hearing this crap from scum fans everywhere. Saying we were lucky again to play against 10 men and that they matched us for 65 minutes.

Redmond shot was fu(king going in!!!! We did break you down 11 v 11! Only the most blatant and intentional handball I''ve ever seen on the line stopped the goal.

Their defensive work rate almost matched our creativity but they offered nothing going forwards and played solely to spoil the game. To their credit they''ve dragged us down to their level 4 times this year by closing every millimetre of the pitch down and blowing their lungs out every first half but come on, that wasn''t even close! If it was humanly possible to keep up their first 30 minute intensity for the whole game then it could have been close but they shot the gun way too early.

I hope we don''t have to play them under Mccarthy for a while! The results are always nice but it makes for some really scrappy stop-start games.

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