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silver fox

Keep faith with Fleming and Doherty Worthy

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Keep faith with Fleming and Doherty Worthy and hopefully you will be replaced by a manager who recognises good defenders and actually plays them.  I am sure that the majority of City supporters expected to see Shackell in the starting line up today, but surprise surprise he wasn''t even on the bench. 

Apart from him possibly being injured was his absence because he is too young and inexperienced, still recovering from mumps, or that the supporters expected to see their best defender on the pitch, but Worthy wanted to show us all that he is the manager.

Fleming made one rash challenge early on got booked and was never seen again and Doherty seemed determined to kick everything that moved in front of him and was lucky to stay on the pitch.

Last season Worthy gave Fleming 38 chances to prove he had what it takes, he didn''t and we were relegated. How many chances is he going to give him this time before he realises that the player can no longer be considered a first choice defender. 

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