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Snakepit Ric

Important information for the final !!

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In Cardiff it was pretty much a mix and mingle. We did look at a couple of pubs that seemed Norwich, but they looked busy so we walked a bit further a found one with mostly Bbrum. Hardly any response and ended up chatting away.Be warned it will not be like a normal away game. There you have the ''hard core'' type of fans, who will want a drink and sing song etc. This you will find will be swamped with the happy clappies who will want to get to there seat an hour before kick off and wouldn''t dream of getting pi$$ed before hand. Expect it to be far more friendly and easy going. Neither set of fans are at home and so there isn''t any sense of territory. Brum have a notorious set of hooligans but I never heard of any trouble, it just won''t be that sort of game. Enjoy.

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