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ratings v Wigan

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I thought we were slow, ponderous and lacked creativety.

Ruddy 6.5 didn''t have much to do.

Whittaker 5 poor. Goal came from his side again

Bassong 7. Commanding and tried to inject some life

Martin 6 Average

Olsson 6 Average.Tried but wasn''t really good enough.

Johnson 7 Put 100% effort in as usual. Off target with his attempts on goal but put a shift in.

Howson 6 Average. Lacked usual spark and drive

Redmond 5 v poor. Didn''t add anything and didn''t have the confidence to take on the full back or use his pace. I''d have replaced him with Murphy.

Dorrans 5 Seemed lost out wide. Better in 2nd half but not good enough.

Hooper 5 Poor. Not enough effort. Would expect more, although service was very poor.

Jerome 7 Put the effort in. Had little service but off target with chances he might take next time.


Hoolahan 6 Injected much needed urgency and invention, but couldn''t quite carve out an opening.

Ran round in circles and over did it a few times.

Morris. Not fair to give rating as he wasn''t on long enough

Andreu. Ditto

I''m hoping Vadis can offer more and give us another option. I think we missed Tettey to a large extent and Grabban also. If Hooper can''t find some spark and form we will struggle to keep up with the pack. We definitely need/miss a winger with pace who can cross. Redmond has lost confidence to take on the full back. Pilkington was a goalscoring winger who could cross a ball. We could do with one of those right now !!

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You''ve given out 7''s after last nights performance, do you work for Archant?

Ruddy 6 - did what he had to do, unlucky to concede.

Whittaker - 6 some nice passing moves, tried to get the team forward.

Martin - 5 looked like he was on holiday / sluggish

Bassong 6 - organised

Redmond 3 - awful performance, didn''t take anyone on, over passed, no shots, no runs, no ideas... Poor game, again!

Johnson 5 - Look a rabbit in headlights playing in the middle of the park, improved when back on the left.

Howson 4 - Passenger. He''s in the team, but you really wouldn''t notice if he wasn''t. Sideways passing specialist.

Dorrans 5 - Tried his best, but was quite clearly the new player in the team.

Hooper 2 - He was shocking in the first half and rightly subbed. Zero effort, Zero anything!

Jerome 4 - You can see why AN prefers Grabban.

Hoolahan 4 - didn''t quite turn the game around like we all hoped.

Morris 4 - he was full of running but the senior players didn''t seem to want him there* He was in a brilliant position towards the end of the match yet Wes opted to try play CR in - who had to fight for space, Morris already had it.

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Bassong was by far our best player. Hooper by far the worst.

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If I were to review my ratings I would keep Bassong and Johnson on 7s downgrade Jerome to a 6 and downgrade everyone else a point less.than I gave them.

I do believe Bassong, Johnson and Jerome made an effort and were let down by the players around them. Ruddy couldn''t be faulted for the goal and little else to do.

Hooper and Redmond were v poor at best. If that''s the best they can do and the hardest they can work, then we will struggle to make the top 6, with Grabban being sidelined for a number of weeks and Murphy being the only other fit winger available for selection. Where''s the pace Redmond is supposed to have, that was evident earlier this season? Only Murphy has that same pace and possibly Elliot Bennett when fit. Given Redmond poor display and apparent lack of interest if we were to need a winger, I''d play Murphy and drop Redmond from the squad altogether. The striker situation is different since we are without Grabban. I don''t believe Morris is ready yet and think it would be wrong to play him now. If there are no suitable strikers available on loan, Becchio may have to be drafted in.

Vadis might be able to play a role in midfield possibly instead of Howson or Dorrans if he does well in training. I was disappointed not to see him on the bench at least v Wigan since they had said he wouldn''t be playing in the Under 21 game, so what happened?

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Another option would be to push Olsson further forward and bring Garrido in at full back.

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