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nutty nigel

Rays Funds for the CSF with the Pink un Pickers Week 31

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Greetings PUPs

and welcome to week thirty one of our Rays Funds season. This week we have Norfolkchance1

in charge and making the final six selections. Norfolk is another of our ever

present PUPs who has been with us for the whole 8 seasons. He’s a top picker

who has already won twice when picking the final six. IU think I must say this

every time I introduce Craig but if our newer PUPs are wondering why Ray’s

signature says “yes Norfolkchance1” before the first total it’s because Craig

suggested to Ray he made the signature in that first ever season. I bet none of

us thought the signature would end up half a page long! It’s incredible when I

think back and I know Ray would be so proud of you all for what’s been achieved

since then. I’d love to see our great friend Norfolkchance1 make it a personal

hat-trick of wins this week and all us PUPs can help him achieve that by

providing our very best selection from games played on Sat/Sun/Mon this weekend

and listed on the William Hill or Bet 365 web sites.



I’m well pleased to be able to

introduce to you Wes Hooley Fan (Suffolk Canary) who joined the thread a couple

of weeks ago and kindly agreed to help us pick the Norwich match selections

this weekend. Everytime a new PUP joins our band it protects the future of

these threads so let’s all welcome him by giving him some great suggestions for

the Norwich match bet. Wes Hooley you have £6 to spend so you can choose up to six

selections either from the PUPs suggestions or those of your own.



Now I have some

important news to share with you this week. Firstly here is some feed back from

the Norwich Down Syndrome football match against Northampton last month

including a fantastic picture of the two teams : -







Darren Hunter Sent: 13 February 2015 16:33To:

CSFSubject: Norwich v Northampton DS


Through funding from

PUP’s we held a Down Syndrome fixture against Northampton Town last weekend as

part of their mini residential tour of Norfolk. The players of both teams had a

fantastic game and then had the pleasure of watching Norwich beat Blackpool 4-0.

This was their take on the day…


Dear Darren


I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you

for making Saturday such a memorable day for the Down syndrome players from

Northampton Town. Your help for arranging the day to be a terrific experience

for the players, parents and carers was fantastic. You made sure the little

things were in place, such as providing car parking spaces for the players so

they would not have to walk too far to the ground.


The DS match in the morning was so enjoyable for our players

and for all their family watching, friendships have been made which will last a

long time. Your coaches and volunteers were brilliant and nothing was too much

trouble. The goal that young Tommy scored will be with him and his family for



Thanks again and hopefully the trips between the two teams

will be a fixture for years to come.





The other piece

of news that I’d like to share is an email I got from Emma earlier this week. :



Hi Eddie,


Hope you are well and the

team from PUPS are all well too.


Just wanted to drop you a

quick email to update you with regards to our plans for Saturday 21

March and our potential DS fixture.


Darren our Disability

Officer is in discussion with a number of teams with regards to coming to

Norwich to play in a small tournament prior to the Nottingham Forest game, he

has had one team confirm they are no longer able to make it, but he is still

following up others.  Worst case scenario we are still planning to

organise some sort of fixture which may have to become an internal fixture, but

we will definitely do something.


Our plan is also to involve

the DS team in a pitch parade or photo opportunity during the half term

interval.  We would also like to invite members of the ‘PUP’s’ group to take

part in a half time pitch photo and hand over the cheque of money raised so



Does this all sound good to





I think

presenting the money as Emma suggested would be a good way to promote Rays

Funds to a wider audience which may result in more members and ultimately more

money for the CSF. But these threads belong to you and I’m happy to be guided

by you. So please let me know your thoughts with your selections this week.



Now I’ll hand

this week’s thread over to Norfolkchance1 and Wes Hooley Fan. Remember there’s

no pressure because we are all going to be doing our best to help you to success.

We all stand together with the single aim of raising money for the Community

Sports Foundation.


Good luck all

you PUPs... Take it away Craig and Wes Hooley ... the thread is yours.......[:)].......


As always I

leave you with Ray’s signature which now reads :-

Carve their

names with pride.Yankee,5,Fellas,3,P''boro,2,Mr Chops,2,NewYork,2, Inch High,4,

Blahblahblah, NCFC_Shaun, 1st Wazzock,3, Fonejacker,3, Norfolkbroadslim,2,

Norfolkchance1,2, Scooby,3, Trent Canary,2, Cosmic Twin,3, Graham Humphrey,

Leedscanary,2, NcfcStar, Herman, Delia’s Devonshire Dirtbox, Lappinitup,

Statto, Mandie Moo,2, Mr Bump, Kathy,2, Til1010, Snake-eyes, Vindo,2, NWC,

Hughesy, Gregt, GMF,2, SwindonCanary, Twidio, Hector Brockelbank, yes

Norfolkchance1 £2038 for the Academy, and £782 for the Community Sports




And with the

Norwich match bet. Splutcho, jb, Javier’s Deaf Translator, Hector Brockelbank,

Blahblahblah,2, Can u sit down please, Til1010, Mandie Moo’s Mear Kat,

Crabbycanary, Paul, Stewfil, Parma Ham’s gone mouldy, Bor Bor Bor, Mr Apples,

Woostercanary, City-til-I-die, The Great Drinkell, nutty,2, Feedthewolf, Lappinitup,

NWC, yes PUPs £357 for the Community Sports Foundation.


And with a

Monday Night Special bet. Woostercanary, £36 for the Community Sports



And with £265

for the CSF from the Pink Un Pledges we now have a total of £3478. since we

began of which £790 has been raised this


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Apologies to all and especially Norfolkchance1 and Wes Hooley Fan for the lateness in getting this thread on the board this week. I tried earlier and emailed Pete who said "All I''m getting back from the techies is "Performance will improve" but no timescales."

We''re finally on and it''s the first time in the 8 years that the thread didn''t appear at the correct time. Hope all the emails come out ok and I''d love your feedback. The picture won''t. maybe Pete will fix it and maybe he won''t.

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Hi all, Portugal for me with Sporting vs. Penafiel (Sporting home win).


For the match bet, I''ll take City to bounce back and beat Millwall (over 2.5 goals).


Best wishes and good luck! [:D]



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League leaders Zenit St Petersburg should power past relegation-threatened Ural Sver. Oblast at home (1/5).For the City bet, Norwich to win and Hooper to score.

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Eddie - I''m hoping this might have fixed your lovely picture for you, will be back later with my pick.

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Sorry that piccie came out smaller than I hoped for but if you click on reply in the post you ll see the full size version.
My pick for the weekend is Derby to beat Birmingham
Jerome to score for Norwich and a 1-2 win for us

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Psg to beat lens please, and jerome to score at millwall. Otbc and good luck pups!


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To Russia this week

Dinamo Moscow (3rd, 5-1-2 21-9 at home) v FC Ufa (14th, 4-3-4 9-12 away) - Home Win

And a HT/FT City/City bounceback for the match bet.

Best of luck Norfolkchance1, Wes and all you PUPs

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Scottish League One where Stirling (0-4-9-14-34) entertain Stranraer (5-5-3-19-17).Stirling v Stranraer.......Away win.

For the Norwich Game.......City win and Jerome to score.Good luck NC1 and WHF. [Y]

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Sporting v Penafiel - Home Win in Portugal this week

And Bassong to score for the match bet (got to happen soon)

Good luck everyone

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Lets get this in before this site goes offline again.....

Swindon home win....

Good luck Norfolk and all.

Presentation is a great idea Nutty but i wont be at the game as i have been told by my daughters i wont be going because they have arranged something for my birthday but didn''t bother looking at the fixture list, after 30 years her indoors should have reminded them to check but she''s just as bad. ;-)

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A very good evening to you Nutty and wishing good luck to you NorfolkChance1, Wes Hooley Fan not forgetting all you other lovely PUPs out there.

Spain for me and a HOME WIN please for BARCELONA v Rayo Vallecano.

For the Norwich bet Redmond to score first at 15/2 looks generous.

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Arrdee used to go to Bulgaria for his holiday. Who could ever forget Bouncer the binner leaving the hotel on the wrong bus : -




So if it was good enough for Ray''s holiday then it''s good enough for my pick : -


Ludogorets            v              Levski Sofia            Home Win


For the Norwich bet I''m going with Jonny Howson to score the First Goal. I think he''s done that 2 or 3 times already this season away from home.



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A new season in the Chinese Super League starts this weekend and the current champions Guangzhou Evergrande are at home to the newly promoted Shijiazhuang Yongchang (also known as Ever Bright). This is their first season in the Super League so a home win looks nailed on. Odds are 1/8.

Good luck Norfolkchance1 and all PUPs.

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The Hamburg section of the German Oberliga.Dassendorf to win at home against Germania Schnelsen.Dassendorf are fourth but only three points behind the one promotion place, so with plenty to play for. They have a 7-1-2 and 28/16 home record, and have won their last two home games by 4-1 and 5-0.Germania Schnelsen are bottom, with a 0-1-9 and 7/31 away record.Current odds are 1/5.---For the NCFC bet I like the look of Howson to score the last goal, at 10/1.Good luck to all!

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League One and our very own Aaron Wilbraham to inspire BRISTOL CITY to beat Crawley please.

Crawley at home but 2nd bottom, Bristol City top by some way.

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Good Luck norfolkchance1 and all you Lovely PUPs

For the Norwich bet HT Draw FT Norwich. Good Luck Wes Hooley fan 👍

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Hi everyone, finally got on to messageboard today tried quite a few times yesterday and wasnt able to so fingers crossed it is working all day today. Im hoping to put selections on at 7 o clock so keep suggestions coming in. (If for any reason site goes down again ill try and email you my selections Nutty)

Its always an honour to be asked to pick, Id never have thought this thread has been going for 8 years and I doubt any of us thought when it started that it would be around for 8 years but long may it continue raising good money for charity.

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Norwich to get back to winning ways and thrash the pants of Millwall   OTBC


Good luck one and all


The beast Jerome to score, Norwich winning 1st half and fulltime

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Dover to win at home for me please.

For City''s game 1-0 Norwich.

Good luck all.

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Justin Edinburgh has transformed Cody - (remember him) and his mates since taking over. they have a tough test this week against a good Donny side. But at 2/1 at home they look the value bet this week to me.

Gillingham V Doncaster Home win

For the City bet, I''d take any win to be honest but to help Wes I''ll go Norwich to win and both teams to score.

Good luck pickers.

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Great to see a selection from my buddy CUSDP :)

Norfolkchance1 and anyone else my email is canaryeddie@aol.com

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The Championship for me this week.

Blackpool vs Sheffield Wednesday - away win.

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