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TIL 1010

Scum Plan To Develop New Ground.

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Absolutely brilliant Til.

When I saw the heading a feeling of immense gloom came over me.

Luckily it only remained for a nano second and then I was flushed with laughter

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Downsizing to a smaller 14k capacity bowl I heard. The idea is to improve the atmosphere by allowing them to ''mostly'' fill the ground every game.

The stadium has been expertly designed to act almost like an echo chamber by having a closed roof and being built with hollow stone with the hope of creating an intimidating, booming noise from even the quietest, most dispirited fans.

The new stadium will be financed by the clubs leec...I mean benevolent investor Marcus Evans who plans to cover the costs by adding to the 80 Million the club already owes him but he assures fans that he won''t call it in for a few years yet and assures fans he loves Ipswich Town and will never ask for a penny of that gargantuan internal debt back.....

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