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  1. Welcome to Rays Funds supported by : - Turner European Consulting “Specialising in rescuing companies and bringing them back to profitability” http://www.turnereuropeanconsulting.com/ Kare Plus “Delivering outstanding nursing, care and support to local communities, nationally” https://www.kareplus.co.uk/norwich/ I have more exciting news to share this week. Massive thanks to Turner European Consulting who like Kare Plus have renewed their sponsorship for another season. This money goes straight into the presentation pot. Also massive thanks to the Pink Un poster who sent me £50 to add to our presentation pot. The CSF and our DS boys and girls really appreciate this support. This week we have Hansterbubble in charge of picking the final six. Hansterbubble had a great season last time finishing with 18/38 74% winning selections at a profit of +6.35. This season he’s carried on in the same vein with 2 winning selections from these first 3 weeks. Hansterbubble, who has had a win with the Norwich picks, was really unlucky with these last season when let down by a team from Finland who did everything but get a winner. So let’s help Hansterbubble to get all six this time with some great selections from the games played on Saturday, Sunday and Monday of this weekend that are listed on the Bill Hill or Bet 365 web site. Making the final selections from the Norwich picks for the game at West Ham we have DJ11. DJ’s been a brilliant addition to our team since he joined last season and is very supportive of all we try to do. DJ had a good first season last time with 27/39 69% winning picks and has started off well this time with 2/3. DJ, you have a tenner to spend split how you like between the PUPs selections and your own. Remember that we have £2 West Ham win and £1 draw thanks to PUPanons generous addition. Thanks everyone who sent me a tenner for the season, I really appreciate your support. If you’re looking at this and wondering about joining this season just jump in and take part. It’s not pay to play. Those that can afford send me a funds because we need 40 tenners to get through the season. My paypal is canaryeddie@aol.com Here’s the final selections rota for September. Just need Kingo to confirm. : - Final Six 7th September – Molly Windley - Confirmed 14th September – Twidio - Confirmed 21st September – King Canary 28th September – Lake District Canary - Confirmed Now I’ll hand the thread over to Hansterbubble and DJ11. Remember there’s no pressure because we are all going to be doing our best to help you to success. We all stand together with the single aim of raising money for the Community Sports Foundation and our fabulous Downs Syndrome boys and girls. Good luck all you PUPs... take it away Anthony and David... the thread is yours....... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As always I leave you with Ray’s signature which now reads :- Carve their names with pride.Yankee,5,Fellas,3,P'boro,2,Mr Chops,2,NewYork,2, Inch High,5, Blahblahblah, NCFC_Shaun, 1st Wazzock,6, Fonejacker,3, Norfolkbroadslim,3, Norfolkchance1,2, Scooby,3, Trent Canary,3, Cosmic Twin,6, Graham Humphrey, Leedscanary,4, NcfcStar, Herman, Delia’s Devonshire Dirtbox,3, Lappinitup, Statto, Mandie Moo,4, Mr Bump, Kathy,2, Til1010,3, Snake-eyes, Vindo,2, NWC, Hughesy, Gregt,2, GMF,3, SwindonCanary, Twidio, Hector Brockelbank, Lake District Canary,2, Bor Bor Bor, Yellowfuture, Chellecity,2, Diesel Doris,2, Lessingham Canary, Molly Windley, Parma Ham’s gone mouldy,3, Feedthewolf,2, AJ, JB, PurpleCanary,2, Hoola Han Solo, Diane, Hissing Sid, nutty nigel, KiwiScot, yes Norfolkchance1 £2,038 for the Academy, and £3,040 for the Community Sports Foundation. And with the Norwich match bet. Splutcho, jb,2, Redders Right Foot,2, Hector Brockelbank, Blahblahblah,2, Can u sit down please, Til1010,2, Mandie Moo’s Mear Kat,2, Crabbycanary,4, Paul, Stewfil, Parma Ham’s gone mouldy, Bor Bor Bor, Mr Apples,3, Woostercanary,3, City-til-I-die, The Great Drinkell,2, nutty nigel,4, Feedthewolf,2, Lappinitup,4, NWC,2, Hoola Han Solo,3, Twidio,2, Ray, PUPanon,3, Molly Windley, 93vintage,2, ClareW, Van Wink,2, Diane,2, AJ,2, Norfolkchance1,Yellowfuture,2, Graham Humphrey,3, Diesel Doris,3, Duncan Edwards,3, Legend Iwan, YorkshirePudding, Kathy,2, Platonic,3, Cosmic Twin,4, Mr Jenkins, Reggie, Snake-eyes,2, I’m A Banana, ZLF,4, Lake District Canary, norfolkngood, Syteanric, Felixfan, TeamPUPs, First Wazzock,2, Baldyboy, Len, Jamie Abbott,2, King Canary,2, Hissing Sid,2, Hammond1612,4, Lessingham Canary, Indy_Bones, KiwiScot, Crafty Canary,GMF, Mandie Moo, Hansterbubble, Herman, Lincsy, Gregt, Daz Sparks, Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man, Fenway Frank, yes PUPs £1,811 for the Community Sports Foundation. And with Both Teams To Score bets £126 And with the 2019 spring special. KiwiScot, Fenway Frank, Herman, Til1010, yes PUPs £41.14 for the Community Sports Foundation. And in honour and remembrance of much loved PUP Chellecity £431 (Of which £50 was donated to SarcomaUK). And £55 to Prostate Cancer UK with Keelansgrandad. And with £5,770 for the CSF from the Pink Un Pledges, sponsorships donations and competitions we now have a total of £13,335 since we began of which £1,426 is in the pot for the next presentation. Rays Funds on Twitter : https://twitter.com/Raysfunds Rays Funds on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/124098287639888/