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  1. The season is over for our beloved Canaries but there’s still some really interesting games coming up and we still have a vibrant community posting on here. So I need your help… One of our wonderfully generous PUPs has sent me five tenners so that we can have some fun with these games and hopefully add a little to the presentation pot for our brilliant DS football team. I know many of you follow these games more than I do so please help us out with a suggestion for outcomes from these games. We don’t need anything too complicated. Who you think will win, or what the score will be? Who scores or even scores the first or last goal? Will there be extra time or penalties? Will there be a red card? Or any other suggestions of your own. I’m sure you all get the idea. Please join in. I’m sure our established PUPs will get involved but Rays Funds is something for the whole community. Nobody will lose anything because the money has been freely given for this purpose and nothing else. We’ll start off with Monday’s play-off final Villa v Derby. My suggestion is a goal for Bradley Johnson.
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