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  1. Hello all! One of my great passions is films and so I thought I'd share my knowledge of some of my favorites with you to give you some quality movies to watch during the coming days and weeks when we are going to be stuck at home. Please add your own classics to this thread so hopefully this will become a bit of a resource to see us through these difficult times a little easier. Stalag 17 - WW2 POW camp movie. Not well known but a great watch. Funny and serious at the same time. Yojimbo - the film they remade in the west as 'A Fistful of Dollars'. Pleaseeeee don't be put off by the subtitles; its a really great film. Badass lone Samurai cleans up town: https://archive.org/details/Yojimbo_201703 Enjoy! OTBC
  2. Watched The Limehouse Golem the other night (OK but ultimately unsatisfying I found), which brought to memory the book it was adapted from, Dan Leno & The Limehouse Golem, which I read many years ago. Ackroyd was, & still is, one of my favourite authors. Along with Iris Murdoch I regard him as a writer of genius; for some bizarre reason the only novels of theirs I possess are their worst (well, before Murdoch got Alzheimer's) i.e. The Flight From The Enchanter & First LIght (written during the brief time Ackroyd left London). I could never do any sort of justice in attempting to explain the astonishing abilities of these two authors, but, in attempting to recall Ackroyd's Limehouse novel I found this appraisal by a man who can. It's very long but I loved it. One of the joys of the internet for me (&, rather weirdly, appears to be written by a Finn!) http://ethesis.helsinki.fi/julkaisut/hum/engla/pg/hanninen/leno.html
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