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  1. No not really, will watch it if there''s no other footie on though.
  2. Well I was enjoying it till just now. United are my Scottish team!
  3. Just noticed that St Johnston play in Blue and White and are sponsored by Binwaste on the back of their shirts! Do you think they are connected to our neighbours somehow? C''mon the Tangerines!
  4. Have to say I heard the new away kit was black, we''ll see.
  5. [quote user="Canary from the Waveney Valley"]An interesting concept the plastic Director. I think I will be able to dine out on that for months![/quote] Depends on what you find in the bins!
  6. [quote user="YellowNets1901"]It''ll be a Technical Director apparently. Whatever that means. I would imagine it''s this appointment that''s holding things up. Not the manager. At this late stage I''m going for Sherwood as manager and someone foreign as Technical Director.[/quote] That''s actually quite a good call, can see that happening.
  7. Skytext was better, we had our own page!!!!!!
  8. OK Ginja, just relaying what I heard this morning, at least the board meeting part was right. I am surprised that there''s been no mutterings from Celtic tbh.
  9. C''mon then somebody give us a good joke! We need a laff!!!!
  10. I did tell you lot! Discussions are about Lennon or Sherwood!
  11. http://www.fcbarcelona.com/football/first-team/detail/article/agreement-with-leo-messi
  12. Just heard there''s a board meeting from 2-5pm and the gossip round Carra rd is that its between Lennon and Sherwood.
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