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  1. Happy New Year all! I wonder what 2017 will bring, I doubt we could have a more unpredictable year as this last one!
  2. Well that secures AN his position for the transfer window!
  3. JF was last season not another crucial time in the Premier League history with the increase in TV money?
  4. Ricardo, starting to get the feeling that they will give him the transfer window to try and put it right! Don''t hold out too much hope of him getting that right though.
  5. Dan is certainly on a roll!! Maybe he should just stick to ranting to himself on the EU thread!
  6. Paddy tweeted it, sorry can''t do link.
  7. Just quoting AN from his presser Apples, one of the journo''s tweeted it earlier.
  8. AN said in his presser that there has been no agreement with Aberdeen to extend Madison''s loan and he will be back with City training on Monday.
  9. Sorry Duncan I think KIO is referring to James Kent!
  10. Whole tail scampi should be Langoustine, I have heard of reformed Prawns being used as Scampi but that''s not proper is it!!! I wonder if the Gunn Club use the genuine article or an imposter?? The plot thickens and this obviously needs serious investigation!
  11. God I hope this is true, Warburton has been my No1 choice since it became apparent the writing is on the wall for Neil. Would be genuinely shocked if we pull this off!
  12. To quote Feedthewolf '' But if the club''s trajectory continues, the stagnation could ironically see us begging, cap in hand, for financial injections to keep us afloat as we struggle to stay self-sufficient in the Championship or worse.'' That''s an excellent point and makes me wonder what the current board would do to alleviate the situation should we become stagnent in this league and losing money yearly, which at the moment is where we are heading. Will we go begging to the banks to extend our overdraft facilities and incur the punitive charges that would incur, would they be willing to let outside investment in, no matter where it comes from, or would they see us struggle to maintain a Championship position with every likelyhood of our main aim each season being to remain in the Championship. All conjecture I know and at times like this we tend to think the worse but its not unfathomable that we end up fighting to stay in this league as opposed to promotion! We been there before after all! We have the rest of this season and next where we will be finacially viable but after that we will undoubtably struggle to remain competitive. This is why IMO the longer we persist with the current set up in terms of the BOD, football management and the current playing staff the greater the risk of us becoming a lower champs/league 1 side we become. I feel we a reaching a Rubicon moment in the future of NCFC and positive action on all fronts is needed asap.
  13. Parma posted; I would certainly advise analytics as a tool for boards and owners as a benchmark and ongoing barometric judgment and litmus test if you will for managers: ''the stats say x, why are you doing y''? Parma thanks for the reply. The above quote from your reply makes me ask the question that do you see our board using analytics in this way or are they more persuaded by their ''gut feel'' so to speak? I am of the opinion, and yes its just my opinion and no way a basis of fact, that our Board do not have the footballing knowledge to understand what these analysis''s offer. As you have stated many times we are undoubtedly missing a Director of Football with our current management structure, with a seemingly very niave manager. If a more rounded manager with ample experience were in charge I would doubt that he would be accepting of a DOF. Unless the whole management of the club is overhauled and, by that I mean from the very pinnacle to the manager, I cannot see the club heading in the right direction. We are being led by a BOD with no football experience from the playing or coaching side and we are expecting them to make the correct decisions in managerial appointments. What criteria can than they use other than reading of a managers experience and the gut feel I mentioned earlier. Not the best way of making the right choice IMO. Anyway, ramble over, Parma thanks again for your posts, you make a lot more sense than anything our club and media says to us. Parma for Director of Football should become a mantra our supporters take up and it should be No1 trending on twitter! #Parma!!!!!!
  14. [quote user="Number 9"]Seen a clip of the away fans and home fans both shouting at Neil, fantastic.[/quote] But they were shouting at the wrong person in many respects, its at the very top where the major change needs to take place!
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