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  1. 5000 Imps fans apparently braved going to Poorman rd!
  2. Highlights here, sorry no clicky! http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/38474591
  3. No stream today WC, radio it is!
  4. Just done a bit of research, the winners will gain £67500 in prize money but this is the interesting bit. The gate receipts are split 45% to each team! This was introduced to help smaller cluns shouod they draw a big name away. It seems the away team fair better in the cup as the cost of the match is obviously borne on the home team! As an aside third round tv games get £144,000 or £72,000 for a televised replay.
  5. Over half the boxes haven''t sold either.
  6. Morty is spot on. LDC is nothing but an attention seeking troll!
  7. Mmm, OK Nigel, did I say your views are distorted? No, I''m not trolling, I''ll leave that to the expert!
  8. Where did I say your views where distorted? Twisting words now are we. Your opinion on things is somewhat different to mine, the term happy clapper has been attributed to people like yourself. I''m more of a nappy crapper, do you see me calling it devicive? Its all a bit of a joke truth be told and if it upsets you, well!
  9. The thing is LDC, I really don''t believe you. IMO you are just an annoying troll who likes attention. And I don''t think I''m alone in those feelings!
  10. Nutty, if you read the op again his reference to happy clappers was a rhetorical one. He intimated that even people like yourself can see that the last few windows have not been very good and was questioning whether we would get it right this time. Fair point I my opinion. Your allingment comes from you saying that LDC gets victimised for being devicive, well he does and rightly so. The OP on the other hand does not appear to be an attention seeker in the way LDC is and raised a valid point. I think your angst was raised by the term happy clapper, and in you''re view that made it devicive. The booing fans weren''t numpties BTW, I''d say very concerned supporters who are worried about the state of things at the club and at that time a seemingly unfathomable substitution. How else are they meant to show it? Tut loudly? Anyway I digress, the OP made a fair point but used the word happy clapper rhetorically and you took exception to it. Fair do''s but the post was nowhere near the level of LDC''s provaction and to liken the two is wrong, ''in my opinion''.
  11. Further, there is a massive difference between the OP and LDC and that is the sheer number of trolling posts from LDC compared to the number of posts Danielsroundabout has posted. I hadn''t identified Danielsroundabout as a troll but with LDC it is clear for all to see. Did you misread my post re the nonce bit BTW?
  12. Why do you consider the OP to be trolling Nigel? I don''t see it personally.
  13. Interesting debate. Parma do I get the impression that you are not very enamoured with our current manager. Do you still think he has the capacity to learn (he''s had two years with us now),has he reached his limit in his capabilities of being a manager or has just been somewhat beligerant in his own beliefs and ability and is now ''listening'' more?
  14. LDC called a poster a nonce on a previous thread, can''t remember which one but the poster was Dame ''something or other''. I meerly highlighted your folly in aligning yourself with someone who calls fellow posters that. I think possibly you have misread the post, as I said I referred to LDC as a numptie, nonce calling troll. Something I stand by as its all in black and white on this board. Am I still a hyprocrite BTW???
  15. No Nigel, for me to be a hyproctite I would have had to agree with the op whilst deriding LDC. I didn''t agree with the op, I questioned your support for a poster who has continually courted controversy on this boarsd, creating thread after thread purely to garner a reaction, mainly negative so he can then claim victimisation. My opinion has remained the same on this and can therefore not be accused of being hypocritical.
  16. "Some people can''t see past his party political allegiance much in the same way as I suspect that people can''t see past Delia Smith being a woman." I can''t believe anybody in this day and age can be that misogynistic, after all Delia made her money by being in the kitchen, where every woman should be!
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