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  1. Kingsley is Scottish born and played most of his career so far for Falkirk, loaned out to Crewe and Yeovil. So yep, can see this happening! Maybe that''s why its down to £4m now. Played 8 first team games for the Swans this season though, we''ll see.
  2. Tiger, you''re right, a lot of the current problems stem from DM, but as the saying goes, ''absence makes the heart grow fonder''. The manager himself has said that the problems within the club run deeper than just relieving him of his job, these problems were not of Moxeys making. However, I am less than enamoured with our current CEO for his lack of action in this regard.
  3. So you made an OP not wanting a reaction? There''s a first!
  4. But you couldn''t wait could you? You wanted a reaction which you got. More fool us for obliging!
  5. I still think it will have to get worse for there to be any action from our illustrious board. Derby gave him the transfer window to make a difference but the majority can see the only difference will be the gap between us and the playoffs. To think, we were 2nd favourites to go up at the start of the season, who says the bookies rarely get it wrong!
  6. But Tilly, that''s exactly what the lkikes to do, hence his troll reputation!
  7. Sad news indeed. Did wonders for Watford. RIP
  8. Houghton has been at Brighton 2 years 8 days! Don''t you check your facts before posting them????? He joined 31 December 2014!
  9. Yes Morty, he has obviously revived the thread purely to get a negative reaction. He is the epitome of a troll. LDC I''ve had enough of this thread now, have your last word, as is your want, but I will not continue to rise to your trolling on this thread any further.
  10. LDC, stop trolling and I will stop calling you out on it. Simples!
  11. Cheers Ian will give it a try, I did use Chrome beta for a while but it was the same. Perhaps, as you say, its my device.
  12. I can see the highlights no problem. Its when I try to watch say a news report on their page and the video is embedded into the site that I can''t watch. The highlights use a different player which is external to the main site and I don''t have any problems with them! The embedded player the BBC use is Flash player, if I want to see something I open it in the Puffin browser and it will play.
  13. Ian, am using Chrome on a Lenovo tablet, BBC''s embedded videos never play. They do play if the are retrieved from an outside player, such as iPlayer, as in this case, but the key thing for me is the embedded vids don''t!
  14. Their embedded videos don''t work on a tablet with the latest Chrome OS on, they''re still stuck on using flash player! Joke!!!
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