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  1. Perhaps I do. But best not say anything to personal, hey. So just to be clear, you can''t come to the Barclay on Saturday, my son in law (to be) wants to take his brother but was willing to pull rank. If not we could always make it another time. Don''t trust everything you hear, as you say there not always facts
  2. Wow Nigel, you''ve just posted personal details on a msg board, contrary to the terms and conditions of this board! Guess you best ask for that to be deleted otherwise I will take action. Sometimes its best not to overstretch the rules mate!
  3. Ah your referring to match time posts! Well not always but it helps if you can get the club WiFi password. Is it a yes for Saturday? Don''t go all the time but will be there Saturday, but you know that and the reason why obviously. But hey carry on, I''m here all night, however boring it is, keep smiling!
  4. The season ticket we have is lower Barclay, block e, won''t give the seat number, my soon to be son in law and I have begun attending more regularly than of late, perhaps you could stand up and give us a wave Nigel. BTW, well done for turning this, full marks. Guess you''ll be inviting LDC to sit with you next time he ever comes down! Keep smiling and mind those bannisters!
  5. Giggles, Lol, am doing well tonight with spell check! Biggles obviously!
  6. Giggles, you do raise an interesting point, if a foul is given for a tackle does the realitation of a back hander supercede the original foul? Should we have been given a penalty first and then Oliveira sent off r does his reaction cancel out the original foul and he gets sent off and a free kick to Barnsley..oops..Rotherham?!
  7. Ah, the question at last! I appreciated Lambert''s tenure here and gave us some bloody good years. Yes, if his name is changed I may well, no, I will join in as a token of appreciation. What will you do Nigel, in your blanket, smile amusedly, join in or boo? Let''s have your answer.
  8. What the hell was a Barnsley player doing on the pitch? Damn no wonder we lost? ''snigger snigger''
  9. Evening Nigel, so you think its ok for LDC to tell the fans what to do? What has his post got to do with what I''m going to do? Also, do you think Lambert will not get a positive reaction from the fans? Will you boo or cheer?
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