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  1. One day well get a forum that can quote a modern OS on a tablet! Gawd its as archaic as NN''s perception of this club!
  2. [quote user="morty"][quote user="Ron Manager"]Nor the rest of the week by the looks of things![/quote]I am lucky enough to have 6 months of the year off.[:)][/quote] And don''t you make up for it!
  3. Fine, good for you Nigel, but still have this feeling that Parma is our elusive T. He seemed legit but the manner and grammar of his text above is very reminiscent of the said T. Nigel, off to bed now, too tired to carry on with your BS. Will pick this up tomorrow afternoon if its ok with you. Just don''t make it personal please, I have not been personal with you and don''t intend to be. Oh and LDC is a troll, not in the Binner mould but a troll nonetheless!
  4. Mmm, ok Nigel, hell, you know a lot of people. So Parma sits with you at games, sometimes. Did he intimate that he has multiple overseas ventures or is a previous NCFC coach. He made so much sense in his posts and seemed genuinely to be the muttsnuts. I did wonder why he would post on this site but we all have are pecidilos. I really believed him up to that point but his last post was so reminiscent of T and his EU posts that the assumption seemed logical. Where I was dishonest I don''t know, please tell me?
  5. My post is honest. WTF are you on about? Nigel, leave the personal bits to another day, do you think I''m right? No? Then post why not. Somehow I can''t see you posting with a smile ATM, bit hell, you love to stir!
  6. Oh wow, I''m about to get even more insulted and derided but reading Parma''s post I think we have finally found out who the elusive ''T'' is! Parma was doing so well until I read the following; "I moved into business some time ago and currently own and run more than one Company and have a network of Joint Venture partners across Europe and beyond, it is not something I would distract myself from lightly. I am not so much older than Alex Neil and have plenty of time to move back into full time professional football, though I would need to complete my Pro Licence. Mind you well qualified friends at the FA would no doubt be very supportive. I suspect that my skills - and the fundamental requirements of the club - may be better served via a Sporting Director-style role. We have discussed the importance of a meaningful, deeply ingrained, coherently-expressed philosophy and template throughout the club" This is T all over and for my mind Parma has been having a massive laugh at our expense! Quoting training text books and delivering them as gospel, just as our T did on the EU thread! I for one was taken in but I can''t help but see T in most of his posts now! Anyway, as I said, derrission all round for me, tin hat will be insufficient, fill your boots, Nutty but don''t make it personal please! OTBC and all that, Parma, I salute you, well played!
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