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  1. An awful and more importantly unnecessary decision.

    If Farke wanted RM as his link to players then he had that as he had a contract until the end of the season.

    RM started as an average defender and has got steadily worse over a number of seasons - People talk about him being picked regularly by Norwich and International managers.............not any more - he rarely starts for a poor Scotland team and was dropped more than once by AN last season - that considered WTF give him an extended contract!

    For those deluded souls out there that think he has taken a pay cut - Wake up! Really????? Ridiculous.

    After some positive steps by our new management team we have now taken one huge step backwards

  2. I may be mistaken but this is a message board where valid and current opinions from fans are aired. If Canary Utd II uses this to express views about our inept captain then that''s his choice.

    Certain users tend to use the board to ramble about pointless subjects hoping to get a reply so it looks like people are interested and that they actually have some friends!(Hoola)

    Commenting about the abilities, or lack of, of our club captain is very relevant therefore Canary Utd fill your boots and have your say.

    Sad morons who think they ''own/run'' this board, we ALL know who they are, should have a look at themselves.

    As has been said before - The clue is in the thread title! If it upsets you petal don''t read it

  3. This thread has gone off track slightly, mainly due to the less than insightful ramblings of Hogarse.

    This was never a thread about comparing our defenders, who in my opinion are all pretty garbage, it was a thread suggesting RM should bee dropped because he is a crap player and crap captain. Who cares whether Bennett is worse???

    The fact is the player that calls himself our captain is not up to it and hasnt been for a number of seasons.

    He is one of the major problems with the club at the moment in that his attitude and arrogance show him as somebody who thinks he is bigger than the club and should not be criticised...The cupping the ears thing reflects that.

    I agree Canary Untd - Worst Captain, Crap Player and should be shipped out with Alex Neill!

    I reckon a AN & RM double act at somewhere like Inverness Caledonian Thistle would be about the right level!!

  4. Yawn Yawn Yawn - The same old RM backing:

    Loyal - blah blah blah

    International - blah blah blah

    True Servant - Blah Blah Blah

    I dont care if he is a throughly nice bloke who has been a loyal servant - HE IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

    A Quiz for Sunday Afternoon:

    What have these three back 4 got in common?

    Pinto Benno Klose Olsson

    Pinto Benno Klose Brady

    Whitts Benno Bassong Brady


    They are the defenders that have kept clean sheets this season......It would seem our loyal/lovely/true servant Captain is in none of those teams.......


  5. How many more times is our ''Captain Marvel'' going to cost us.

    AGAIN both goals from west ham are provided by the left hand side of our opposition... our right back area.

    GOAL 1 - Our left back has to rush across and cover RM which means when the shot is parried out into the area where brady would have been its a tap home for Payet. -

    GOAL 2 - break down left flank, pass, score...Where was RM!

    The bloke is the worst example of a footballer getting paid lots of money and underperforming!

    I''m glad HE enjoyed Saturdays game!

    Blokes a joke !

  6. How many more times will he be shown to be the weak link in our defence!

    I accept the defence as a whole didn''t perform well yesterday but it is obvious to me that BMuff targeted him yesterday - And three goals came from it!

    I''m fed up with the ''he''s a great guy'' talk.....NOT GOOD ENOUGH - SIMPLE!

  7. A deserved dig at an overrated PLAYER. (Note the capitals)

    What is also incredibly annoying is that some posters feel the need to comment about ''how hard he works off the pitch'' and ''how much the club means to him'' - Those qualities will not keep us in the division - Good players do that!

    Harsh but true but however much of a nice bloke Russ is he is shown to be an inadequate performer at this level.

    Thanks for everything RM but close the door when you leave!

  8. [quote user="hogesar"]Don''t like it? Tough, binner.

    No, he''s not the greatest defender we''ve ever had, but nor is he the massive liability people claim he is.

    We will concede goals this season. Some will be a mistake from him, some will be a mistake from others. We''ll score goals too. And as already seen, some of them will be from the Norfolk Cafu himself.

    What I''m saying is, when RM scores, I see the delight on his face. I see his passion for the club and I hear it in every interview. When we concede or lose who looks gutted? Him. But who''s first to come and applaud our fans? Him.

    I like him. I''m happy for him when he scores and plays well because he''s obviously a great bloke. I don''t give a single toss that van dijk might have a better percentage of interceptions. Van dijk could well be...a d*ck.

    Football should be something to be enjoyed, to be passionate about. Which is exactly what RM does. Which in turn makes me enjoy watching him play.

    Delighted for him today. The background story of his last 24 hours only confirms everything I thought about him before.

    Club captain.

    Club legend.[/quote]Really Hogesar! What a complete moron you really are.........So if I''m getting this right ''Anyone that is anti Russell Martin is not a Norwich fan''.......WRONG!Unfortunately Hogesar its not your decision, you don''t decide who is a Norwich fan and who is not dependent on whether they like your favorite player or not!I can only assume you are a young teenager who takes his football away when somebody doesn''t agree with you or doesn''t let you be captain!  Either that or your mental age is that of a teenager and you are a grown up and a bit, shall we say, ''slow''?Nobody can doubt that RM is committed to the club and is a top all round bloke BUT to be honest I don''t really care about that.  I AM a Norwich fan and I want players that are of sufficient ability to play in the premier league.  I am not going to meet them for a beer or go to their childrens birthday party so i don''t realy give a flying stuff whether they are a ''top bloke'' or not.I want winners who are good enough to play!Credit to RM for his goals this season but his job is a defender and it is something that he has fell woefully short of this season.All players make mistakes but some mistakes are more crucial than others and RM is making those crucial mistakes.  A number of times this season, for Scotland and Norwich RM has been at fault for goals....not once, not twice, but many times.It is obvious to me that RM is not a good enough footballer to play in a Premier League first XI.....That''s my opinion but it doesn''t mean I am not a Norwich fan as you profess to be the case.Its a ridiculous statement now go back to class its time for your ''special class''

  9. I have never disliked a city player as much as I dislike him. His arm

    Waving and pointing when he makes a mistake is laughable and the way he gets in face of referee trying to represent the team is a joke. Show you are a leader by performing and your team and your fans will respect you. He does not do that.

  10. Lets face it the Russell Martin saga continues.I understand that Whittaker was a root cause of the three goals yesterday but RM AGAIN could be argued to be at fault for two of the goals.The first goal, yes JH made an error up the pitch, but RM had to oportunities to stop Pelle scoring -One was to use his football brain, step up, and truely catch Pelle offside.Two would be to simply GET IN FRONT OF YOUR MAN In eiether of these situations we go into HT and naught naught and its game on.The third goal he let that cheating arsewipe TADIC get to the rebound first without even anticipating a the save rebound from Ruddy.Two out of three goals RM was at fault for.If you add to that his little ballet dancer jump and turn of back for Palace third and stokes goal at home thats four goals in four games.If anybody thinks that is acceptable then you are completely dilussional.

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