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  1. 1 hour ago, ......and Smith must score. said:

    There’s a few on here who aren’t English. Why wouldn’t they ?

    I've been shopping for Cheeses. Emmental and Edam to enjoy later.

    I enjoy whether England win or lose though. Bit more funny when they lose although usually it's due to some mistake not just playing ****e for 4 games.

  2. 2 hours ago, Robert N. LiM said:

    Yes, and as I just said to Fen Canary, for no discernible benefit. Nothing good has come of it to justify its destruction of the moments that make football such a special sport.

    Feels like a complete get rid yes. I'd like to say it would be available for moments like Hand of god or hand of frog, but then you'd have a constant complaining to use it for every decision. So yes get rid.

    That's a question though. Do you want Hand of God? or VAR? I'd go with hand of god after experiencing VAR

  3. Having a thought. Would you have Sunak as a cabinet minister in a Labour goverment or say a future(post 2024 GE) tory goverment? I would, but hard to say in a top position.

    One thing to add. I do enjoy him when he gets annoyed. It's rare to see it and probably why he's not suitable for the top.

  4. I am confident the expectation that the SNP will lose a lot of seats will not come to pass as their support galvanises come election day. It's too entrenced and we know Labour don't need the Scottish seats to win so 42 seats

  5. 1 hour ago, dylanisabaddog said:

    15% may be close to 1/5th of voters to you but it's actually less than 1/8th.

    People who appear on QT have to volunteer to be there. The obvious answers to why they're not there are - 

    They didn't volunteer, perhaps because they're slightly ashamed. 

    They don't like being in an environment with people who can manage whole sentences. 


    I'm sorry if this sounds slightly superior but I've just been canvassing for a week. I challenge you to do the same and not reach the same conclusion. The people I have met who have said they're voting Reform are not the brightest light bulbs in the pack. Most of them are too dim to even be in the pack. 

    Not to stir the pot that much, but you've just come on a public forum and said you're canvassing for a candidate for parliment and calling their electorate stupid?

  6. Seeing the reform candidate call gay people nounces and the prime minister the P word I'm pleased more people who might vote for this party get to see what it really means. An englishman in Skye before the independence referendum said to me that people set out to vote for the more radical party wanting all the good sounding policies and ideas, but at the last minute there is a sudden panic. Fear over losing the status quo and what this choice might lead to and that fear causes them to vote as normal. I hope today helps people in that moment of choice not go to the far right.

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