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  1. I like Grabban and he got some goals last season at some critical points so in that respect he''s ok with me. NOW we have to consider our position. If we don''t have a another striker coming in we should keep him and we need him. Jerome, Grabban/RVW, Hooper, Loza, Lafferty. Cmon purely from that listing we need him. And if it comes to selling him to bournemouth not a chance. If he is to be punished then leave him out the 25 man squad list.

  2. I liked it as it had some things going on like a stage and games for kids, but wasn''t blown away and I think as fanszone go they could do a lot better. My beer cost £4 and the mobile beer station station we queued in ran out of beer, but failed to mention there was a another in the corner with no queue. It was sunny so had some chat with home and away fans. Travelling on my own I had not seen many Norwich fans drinking around the ground so was happy this was here for that.
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