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  1. Setup to draw and counter attack, unsure how to go forward as the German are instantly on us.
  2. Please say that Iru-Bru ad just player on ITV. Was class. Mannschaft 🤣
  3. A national team without an old firm player would be a strange thing.Ralsons in as x2 are injured and McGregor is solid.
  4. Kennys never been a starter as we have a strong midfield, but good enough when given the chance especially with that goal. McTominay do your magic 🤩
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/football/article/2024/jun/14/stop-sending-me-money-singapore-keeper-deluged-after-saves-help-china
  6. Congrats to Cambridge for starting the thread. I had a few ideas, but absolety no time on my hands. Good luck to all teams in the tournament.
  7. I'm an Slov Serbian Dane already, why wait. Only joking of course. Happy to see England win, but will laugh if they stuff it up in some daft way. 1:1 tonight. BILLY GILMOUR!
  8. Getting a wee bit excited seeing all the fans having a good time over in Germany. 1 day to go
  9. every effort can reduce it, but even a big sign ain't going to stop it. The instructions were on each ballet, but you still got people putting four crosses instead of 1,2,3,4 and 1 instead of an X on the list vote with nothing on the main one. Didn't help the instructions got shrunk so they could shape the ballot to fit the scanning machines.
  10. Luxury. I had to get my sports results from the daily sport newspaper out the shop. And Share it!
  11. My polling card arrived today and I was struck by why it came in an envelope, but it's not a card, it's a floppy letter! Tories out! Unless it's the SNPs fault then Nationalists out! Or the councils Labour out! bah humhug
  12. Germany to win after recovering from an early upset
  13. Has this thread picked up on Douglas Ross finally falling flat on his face? Scottish Tory leader, MSP/MP decided not to stand for re-election, then did. Because of boundary changes his old seat isn't there and they already have candidates nearby selected. But one is errr "sick" so hes deselected and in goes Ross. Although that person is not that "sick" and every local Scottish Tory is pissed at Ross. He resigns as leader and will quit as MSP if it stays an MP. The seat in question is one that votes Tory. Yes pigs do fly in Scotland, but the SNP run them close. If he quits as an MSP I might get a decent explanation on what happens when a list msp resigns/dies.
  14. Scottish council elections use STV. It's a bit difficult to follow how the counting works and how to gauge it in comparison to previous elections. You number the candidates from 1, 2, 3 etc. You can get several for example, Labour candidates and your unsure which person to put the "1" against. D'Hondt which the main Scottish election uses is more easier on the eye and better for the average person to understand, but the fact you get "two votes" and that a single issue can game that system is worrying. Want to hear stupid? Scotland one year had the council and parliment elections on the same day. They also used one time only electronic scanning machines for the counting. It did not go well. Members of the public being asked to cast x3 votes on x2 voting systems while not being able to fold the ballot paper. Then add the network issue the counting software suffered,
  15. How bout this. A 622 player guide! https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2024/jun/10/euro-2024-complete-guide-to-all-622-players 4 days to go.
  16. If Genghis Khan was alive today and on the campaign trail.
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