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  1. 2 hours ago, Daz Sparks said:

    PR is just as flawed as FPTP, just in different ways. It won't get you any better politicians. (Might get you worse.)

    The debate has been around for decades, and minds better than us cannot definitively decide which is best, that's why FPTP has not been replaced.

    Right now, PR would suit the likes of Farage, so having FPTP suits me right now.

    PR in it's essence allows another party to win seats over a much shorter time than would the current system. But will mostly always lead to coaltion goverments. Which people usually moan about. As Daz says this falls then to how good the politics/policticans are.

    Scotland is the only nearby example I've experience of. I don't know about Wales, but there is a Northern Ireland party that has gained traction as a 3rd option. With Scotland PR(or slight version of it) allowed the SNP a platform and off they went and over time has brought in i think 1 majority govement, a few minority goverments and coalitions with Lib Dems and Greens. It's still a young parliment, but outside of the Alba party it's starting to stablise in terms of voting options. There is much less parties/candidates to vote for than when it started and you eventually settle into a voting pattern.

    The parliment bumbles about ok, but then it's not had to adjust it's system and get used to it. Westminister with the Commons and the Lords and the ingrained establishment would be a different kettle of fish. Just look how the fools dealt with the Brexit negotiations.

  2. 1 hour ago, TheGunnShow said:

    What other methods failed???

    Which is what we will find out in due course. Including whether vets/zoo keepers with tranquilsers or animal calming techniques were considered. Or even armed response.  It's not ideal, but If they believe the cow is a danger and If stupid has exhausted all it's ideas, well...

    it does seem strange ramming it was the last resort though,  I imagine this would have went up the chain and at some point certain responses were ruled out or unavailable.

  3. 1 hour ago, GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary said:

    It would certainly have helped

    Lose to Switzerland now and its curtains

    It doesn't really. Their result is immaterial. Lose to Switzerland and same situation as if it had been a draw. Maximum 3points possible and maybe 3rd place qualification if very lucky. A draw assuming Germany win all their games might help towards getting 2nd, which is still possible with the result as it was. We are aiming for 4 points from Hungry/Switzerland which should guarantee going through in 3rd or even 2nd. The draw only really helps us get 2nd. Maybe at the end that might matter, but lots of way to split hairs at the moment.

  4. 1 hour ago, A K Narey said:

    Unfortunately, water quality, the environment and public health are not a priority for any of the Parties, except of course the Greens.

    The Tories and Labour seem unable to admit that taxes must rise to pay for essential services, banging on about how they will make cuts.

    I have always voted in General Elections, but I cannot summon any enthusiasm for this one. That really concerns me as I have always been actively interested politically. 😴

    I don't think they ever have been. There is always the journey to the polling station and bumping into someone you've not seen in a while that might make it worth going. You can always spoil your ballot which is still voting. Who knows maybe there's a random party or independent standing. Mind your ID.

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  5. Just now, Crafty Canary said:

    I love the way the Scottish fans are so full of it before games only to find their team are also rans at this level. Not surprising given that their domestic football is lower Championship to National League level.

    We know, but you got to have pride and enjoy the ride. 

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