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  1. There is something about him that is clearly not giving a ****.
  2. Sounds like he's talking about how you vote within FPTP for your a party close to your belief i.e. voting for them shows them as stronger and next more people might vote for them next time. Don't confuse the voting system with how someone casts a vote in a more hopeful/positive way.
  3. England going through on current scoreline. Just saying. Nobody goes out with 4 points.
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/football/article/2024/jun/20/serbia-threaten-to-withdraw-from-euro-2024-over-croatia-and-albania-chants Serbia wanting Croatia and Albania punished for their fans chanting kill the Serb.
  5. Fair result, but typical frustrating game of Scottish football when you need a result and you settle for the draw because theres still another game. Clarke could have made earlier subs. Switzerland had their chances, but we couldn't put it in the net. Tiernay likely out of the tournament a big blow. Only Hungary eh, that's what we said about Morocco.
  6. Ralston just did a cross to the other touchline. Hook him at half time.
  7. not fcking likely. This is the battle of Ogs. Ralston you ****
  8. Not the way you typed it. Back into your blue Ferrari.
  9. Same team except Hanley for the suspended Porteus and Gilmour for Christie
  10. Anyone going down the road of a proxy vote? Think I gave mine once. You do wonder.
  11. Will Mbappe be out for a few weeks if his nose is broken?
  12. Another top team only 1 nil up. moral of the story for top teams. Play Scotland
  13. Probably the only town you can guarantee that the McDonalds milkshake machine is working.
  14. Mind that Pukki goal that Var chopped off. That Belgium goal feels like that.
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