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  1. Lafferty is a 6ft 4" target man - seriously can''t be suggesting we could play him on the wing?
  2. Depends really doesn''t it, was a contract signed with those clubs, and are they breaching that contract? If a contract wasn''t signed, then that really is tinpot. If contracts were signed, are we going to sue for damages? And physical fitness is not the same as match fitness. We also have some psychological problems in our squad which would be somewhat repaired if we could score goals and win games against strong opposition. Nobody thinks are problems are solved because we put 6 past Braintree and 13 against a pub team, do they?
  3. Lincoln Canary, there is a loan window which opens just after the transfer window closes, don''t know the exact details - but that is when Championship clubs can see who is has been left out of Premier League 25''s and make moves for them.
  4. We probably need one defender, two if Bassong leaves. Other than that we only need to replace like for like, except Bunn who we don''t need to replace. Is likely that any news would be outgoing before we hear of anybody else incoming.
  5. Ah... it was Leeds who didn''t have a Romanian team turn up in Italy.
  6. I must be confused, was it Novorra who pulled out? Well whatever, two cancelled friendlies. It was another team who had the Romanians pull out in Italy then. Two clubs have had teams pull out in Portugal too. Wonder whether these clubs are taking payment and then running off with it.
  7. Two friendlies cancelled minus Livorno friendly equals one other cancelled friendly. You dim twit.
  8. It''s all about you It''s about you It''s all about you, baby It''s all about It''s all about you It''s about you It''s all about you
  9. Well the answer Yellowfuture is probably that we have been let down. Which has an air of inevitability when you arrange a friendly to be played in Italy against a Romanian team who were only founded in 2009. Have to wonder who thought that was a good idea.
  10. It wasn''t a "trap", but lets just say that your post earlier did make me post it with a smile. I do have genuine concerns, and I should think the club do too. I wonder whether they will now look to squeeze an extra game in at home. I don''t know who is to blame for the shambles, but expect that if there were contracts in place they would be much easier and cheaper to enforce against UK teams than a Romanian team and an Italian team - can hardly imagine McNally going to stand up in an Italian court trying to sue some mafiosa club owner. Perhaps there is a lesson to be learnt here, some other British clubs have been let down overseas this summer too.
  11. And I don''t understand why we aren''t playing a single English professional team. People getting excited that Van Wolfswinkel can score a couple against Braintree. If we want to see what we could possibly expect from him this season, and others, it would have been better to put ourselves up against one of the promoted clubs such as Burnley, or a strong League One team like Doncaster or Peterborough.
  12. I actually do think that this is a shambles. So far we have played three part time teams, with 19 days left until the season kicks off. We will go into the season having had a weaker pre-season schedule than York City. They have already played Sheffield Wednesday, Raith Rovers, and St Johnstone, and will play Hull, Sheffield United, and Nottm Forest before kicking off. Wigan one of our promotion rivals have already played Walsall, Besiktas, and Rochdale. We are not only behind our promotion rivals in preparations, but also behind pretty much every other professional team in the country - even the likes of York City. So yes I do think it is a shambles and tinpot, even if I did think it would be funny to post the thread because Buh made such a sing and dance negative nancies this morning. I''d expect our three fixtures so far to be the expected pre-season schedule of Lowestoft Town.
  13. Morty, please stick with having your never ending tit for tats with Lake District Canary as I''m really not interested. Buh, bad mouthing fans who have possibly traveled a very long way to follow their team on a pre-season tour possibly makes you the derp. Anybody so committed gets kudos from me and I''d love to do similar some time - the US tour looked like great fun, and if I''d gone to Italy to catch a few Norwich friendlies I''d be disappointed this time around. I have no interest in being the whipping boy of the day so I shall log out and until you amuse yourselves with another.
  14. Would it have been better to have a 7 page argument Morty? Buh, haven''t seen that tweet but perhaps what they meant was that it was a pathetic waste of time. That scoreline shows that they really were a weak team who would probably have been given a thumping by Dereham. In the same way that Carlos Vela got snotty when Real Sociedad had to play Histon last season. It really is a pointless exercise when playing such substandard players, they gain nothing from it, possibly even become over confident. They may as well have played the Norwich Under 15s.
  15. Usually you get a few travellers Mrs Miggins, the 13-0 highlights showed that there were a few at that game, whether expats or travellers who knows - but they got a Hoolahan chant going.
  16. I know Buh, why else do you think I posted this thread. Hook. Line. Sinker.
  17. Our preseason is turning into. First Joe Royle quits after six weeks, then we have two consecutive friendlies cancelled and have to resort to having an open training session which they could have had at Colney, and a game against a Sunday League team. It is almost as if we used to employ somebody to write contracts but had to lay them off after getting relegated. Will the club be compensating any fans who have shelled out money to go to Italy? I''m a bit worried about going from Dereham, Braintree and some Italian pub team, to playing Bastia - seems a big leap. This must surely effect our preseason, our Wolves game is just 19 days away!
  18. Sunderland seem to buy a lot of flops up front, but then again generally manage to stay in the Premier League. Probably why they were willing to pay £14m for somebody who has already shown they can score 10 goals for them. Didn''t think Fulham usually paid big transfer fees though, for the past few years they have mostly signed freebies and overseas players?
  19. Unbelievable. 7 pages of three people arguing over a tweet. Haven''t you all got better things to do even if it is just tugging one off into a sock?
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