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  1. Signing a three year deal at Real Betis suggests that he has impressed in Spain over the past couple of seasons.Daryl Sutch is a member of our Hall of Fame and played in every position on the pitch for us, so don''t see the need to criticise a player who may have been limited technically but served us very well and always gave 100%. You don''t get many other clubs were people are so quick to bad mouth their loyal servants.... 13 years of service and well over 300 games, including many in our top 3 season and European campaign. To some now a figure of fun because he stayed a couple of years too long after his legs had gone. Are you really a Norwich fan?
  2. And was playing for the Spanish under 21''s three years ago.
  3. I think it would be a bit of an insult to bundle a player of Pacheco''s calibre in with Cody McDonald and Kei Kamara.Only one of them came through the youth system at Barcelona and played 17 games for Liverpool.
  4. I''d still much prefer we got to see what Redmond could do in the Championship.Is one thing not looking quite ready for the Premier League, in a struggling team short of confidence who don''t play tactics which get the best out of attacking players, and another playing in one of the strongest teams in the division under a manager who wants us to play fast paced attacking football.Redmond would seem to fit what Adams wants to do perfectly, he wants to play fast paced attacking football, and Redmond is a fast paced attacking player..... I doubt Redmond is going anywhere unless we get a silly offer, must surely be one of the players that Adams wants to keep hold of the most.
  5. Good Morty, I''m glad you think we need to reinvest a healthy proportion of all net transfer revenue. I agree. Leave it at that.
  6. Actually Canary On The Wire, I disagree with the valuation you give. I agree completely that he is far from the finished product and that there are a few better English kids in his position, but the new TV package has inflated prices so much that £8m to £10m would probably be the new £5m to £6m.We have just got £7m or £8m for an average Premier League player with one year left on his deal, clubs always pay a premium for English players, especially young ones, I think we''d be selling ourselves short at £6m..... £8m with plenty of add-ons or £10m with a sell on fee would seem realistic enough for me.£10m isn''t as much as it was a couple of years ago, Borini just went for £14m!
  7. I don''t know if you are reading what you are typing yourself Morty. You said: "If we were to get big money for Redmond (say 9 or 10 million) would it be the end of the world having Josh Murphy in his position?"And I said that if we didn''t replace Redmond with another player, I''d consider that tinpot. I''m not going to communicate any further, I''m sure you will forgive me if I opt out of a pointless 7 or 14 page argument over pure semantics and slight differences of interpretation, don''t fancy one quite that long today.
  8. "We have a squad of 29, which ios 4 more than we were allowed last season"We were allowed 25 players over the age of 21, and an unlimited number of players under the age of 21. That gives us a squad of 23 + kids. Of that 23 we have pretty much been told that we are looking to rehome three of them (Bunn, Bassong, Becchio). If those three players leave we almost certainly need to replace them. Remember that we play 46 league games instead of 38 league games this season, we need a bigger squad in this league not a smaller one!
  9. Well the hypothetical scenario sounds tinpot. If we were to lose Redmond and Snodgrass, and not sign any wingers, I''d consider that a mistake and bordering on tinpot. I''m not suggesting that we don''t give opportunities to kids, but the Murphy twins have played 26 games between them and have a combined age of less than Carlo Nash.I really think that this could be Josh Murphy''s breakthrough season, but you can''t play kids every week they have to be managed and you have to accept that they may not react well to pressure. Plus somebody I know who coaches in the academy claims that Josh is actually considered better than Jacob at the club, so perhaps Jacob should be going out on loan again for the sake of his development. Although I wouldn''t shed any tears if we sold Redmond for £10m, as long as it had a few add-ons in case he becomes the next Gareth Bale and moves to Real Madrid, because I think he is far from the finished article anyway and may never become the top class player that people predict. Just saying that if he did leave I think it would leave us very short of wingers.
  10. Has signed for Real Betis on a free transfer. Was linked to Malaga and Celta Vigo. They will play this season is the second tier after relegation from La Liga, but that is a very good move for him, big club and average attendance over 30,000 despite relegation last year.Looked as if he was going to become an also-ran like Arturo Lupoli because his last club was tiny, but looks like he could fulfill his potential. Always thought it was a shame he didn''t get another go here, clever little player.Wouldn''t he have been a decent second striker / playmaker to have had here this season on a free transfer to compete for that spot at the top of the diamond?
  11. Losing Snodgrass and Redmond and replacing them with the inexperienced Murphy twins in a season where we are hoping for automatic promotion wouldn''t just be "lacking ambition", it would be a disaster. I''m all for getting them involved but you just sound so tinpot Morty. We play 8 more games this season, Saturday-Tuesday-Saturday, we need a deep squad. Pilkington is never ever going to be  Saturday-Tuesday-Saturday player again.
  12. I think we need to be bringing in a new face for every one that we lose now. Everybody saying that we have an abundance of wingers but pretty sure there was a period last season where we had one fit winger and had to use Hoolahan out wide.Josh Murphy has graduated and fills the hole in the squad that Snodgrass has left.  So if Redmond leaves, we need a winger. That Gary Mackay-Steven that somebody suggested looks decent.Neil Adams said that if anybody left we''d replace them with ''better'' players, which is a ridiculous comment really, because we aren''t going to be able to replace Redmond, Fer, or Ruddy with a ''better'' player.
  13. "So it''s not a newspaper then, you made it up"Online shop, online magazine, online bank, online dating, online estate agents, online university, online radio, online newspaper. Is it really that difficult to comprehend? "No, actually it''s your credibility that I''m addressing"And I''m beginning to question yours, because all I have done is share a transfer rumour and made the assertion that the source looks pretty credible, and then had you take exception to that and attack me. It seems that you are heavily invested in this somehow, and being such a infrequent poster who has suddenly decided to get active on this thread, I wonder whether you may have an interest in this business yourself or have reason to dislike the source? "Readership of both papers is still greater than WestLondonSport, the comparison with pink un is your obsession not mine"I followed up my "local rag" comment by clarifying with "basically their version of the pink un", we have since ascertained that the journalist is a dedicated journalist for QPR and well known, so seems a fair comparison. You are choosing to ignore that follow up for some reason. "Good for him. Perhaps he can get a quote from the club - he didn''t. Un-named source"Well often naming your source is a fast way to lose that source, you seem like you possess enough brain cells to know that already - perhaps not?
  14. I am happy to play your pathetic "win", "lose", "draw" game if you want, you sad pillock. You asked me who I am, and what interest I have in West London Sports.Now let me ask you, what interest do you have in this thread, why has it touched a nerve with you? "Wrong about it being a paper" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Online_newspaper"Wrong about age of website" (Gsm 2 YM 1)"http://www.westlondonsport.com/qpr/deal-close-for-qpr-defender "Your mate didn''t quote rent-a-quote Redknapp" (void)You have already said that, you dimwit.But I''ll let you "win" anyway, just seems like the right thing to do when faced with somebody who has an obvious mental handicap.
  15. "So are you linked with WestLondonSport?"No, and if I was I''d have made the hyperlinks live.
  16. "You can call this a draw if you want. WhoIs domain registration was indeed 2011. The website copyright states 2013"We could call it a draw, or I could just link to a three year old article on their site: http://www.westlondonsport.com/qpr/deal-close-for-qpr-defender
  17. Well I''m not Fer''s agent or Harry Redknapp, if that is what you are suggesting.  The Pink''un have published this rumour on their homepage now, using West London Sport as the source, so direct your argument at them if you think that sharing it is sinister.
  18. "WestLondonSport is a click bait, advertisement money driven website"Apart from the BB that probably describes every news website.
  19. "Was the pinkun created in 2013 by a bunch of ex BBC guys?"And I''ve just found out that WestLondonSport was created in 2011, so sounds like it is actually your credibility as a source which must be called into question. His linkedin shows that he has been a local sports journalist and he has been covering QPR for 15 years! And you think he is less credible than Lakey or Waghorn why? Should have consulted your two QPR mates before posting.
  20. Thanks for your reply Your Mother, I will address each of your points individually.1: "There is a print version of the West London Sport is there?" - There hasn''t been a ''print version'' of the Pink''un for donkey''s years, unless you include a four page weekly pull out in the Evening News. 2: I was somewhat surprised to see a title covering sport that I wasn''t aware of - enjoyed reading the papers on my commute. - Should get yourself a tablet mate, opens up a whole plethora of new media for you to peruse, and more environmentally friendly too. 3: Was the pinkun created in 2013 by a bunch of ex BBC guys?If you are attempting to question the credibility and integrity of the publication, then does telling us that it was created by a group of former BBC journalists support such an argument? That would seem to be something which would support its credibility? 4: Evening Standard, Metro have greater claims to serve "most" QPR fansAnd neither of them are anything like the Pink''Un, those would be their equivalent of the Eastern Daily Press? 5: and "A Kick Up The R''s" is used by two [ok, the only two] QPR fans I know.Well this QPR fan was familiar enough when sharing this article to refer to the author David McIntyre as ''Dave Mac'': http://www.qprdot.org/viewtopic.php?t=73440&sid=d0572fdb1f5a6c57bc778966a93808e5 - So I don''t think QPR fans are as unfamiliar with the source, or the author, as you are making out.Seems he is quite an authority on QPR judging by his twitter https://twitter.com/davidmcintyre76Where he claims that Harry Redknapp called him the "worst journalist ever".All seems much more than a gossip blog to me. He is a journalist, with a press pass, who covers local football in West London. Yet his credibility is called into question because you are one of those dinosaurs who still annoys the person next to them on the tube with their rustling paper intruding on their daily commute and touching their knees? That ink on paper makes the source more credible, e.g. The Sport on Sunday?
  21. Although it just so happens that I think if we sold Hooper it would be just as close to £5m as it is to £10m because he isn''t anything special in that league.
  22. A paragraph just in case? Nobody has said that they think any one of Fer, Hooper, Redmond, or Ruddy will be leaving for around £5m, so maybe you are mental.
  23. Morty, Fernandes wants Harry to sign younger players with a resale value instead of journeymen at the end of their careers. Which is why he blocked the Wayne Bridge signing, and probably why the Rio signing nearly hit the buffers.They just spent £8m on Caulker, a player who fits in with what Fernandes wants. Fer at 24 also fits the mould, and Hooper is only 26.
  24. Well they have just signed Steven Caulker for £8m so hardly skint.If they can pay £8m for him, then we should be looking for at least that for Fer with some healthy add-ons.
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