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  1. [quote user="Herman "]I think we should rush into an appointment just to appease the Pink Un faithful.[/quote] No one can accuse the hapless fools into rushing into anything.
  2. But even a simple man like me could have interviewed and appointed a manager by now. Our board truly are hapless. The sooner mcnasty goes the better.
  3. An interesting concept the plastic Director. I think I will be able to dine out on that for months!
  4. I suspect that as part of the Boards review of where it all went wrong they have come to the conclusion that forcing the Messiah out was where it all went wrong. With the Messiah on his way back from the USA I suspect the negotiations with him and the Villa wiill begin over the weekend and an appointment will be made on Monday. Happy days are here again    
  5. I have it on reliable authority that an announcement is being scheduled for 2pm on Monday that''s not to say it won''t leak before then over the weekend
  6. Having thought about it for sometime I think I would have the Messiah back
  7. Regardless of who the board appoint is it time for us all of us to end our petty squabbles about who is the best manager and just get behind the team? Yes he won''t be the Messiah but hell I am prepared to get behind him. Time for all of us to unite even our plastic friends
  8. I wonder what odds you would get on the OP ever going to a game?
  9. The mail has no connections within the carra and never gets its NCFC stories right. If Mick Dennis, Charlie Wyett or James Nursey mention something I may take no notice.
  10. After not picking Ruddy for the World Cup surely his position as our goal keeping coach is untenable. How on earth could he favour the WBA keeper. What must ruddy be thinking. He needs to go now!
  11. Does anyone know the date when we get to know the dates of next seasons fixtures and what date is the first game of the season?
  12. [quote user="Norfolk Canary"]Maybe you should support your local team LDC....... Plastic fan.........[/quote] You are a man of intellect! Great post
  13. I am new to this board as you can see from my post count. One name missing is the Messiah. Why is he not mentioned in the bookies odds. Why is he not mentioned in the pinkun poll. Why is he not mentioned on here. Surely he is the fans number 1 choice
  14. Can''t understand why Paul Lambert or Carlo Nash not options
  15. He is clearly one of the awful summer signings that hapless mcnasty referred to.
  16. I am coming round to a DOF of Neil Warnock and a head of coaching of Tim Sherwood
  17. [quote user="Gingerpele"]So when''s McNally getting sacked River End? He certainly isn''t bringing Lambert back....[/quote] Utter disgrace that McNally has not fallen on his sword. He has no self respect no honour
  18. He showed he was not the man for the job look how far we have slipped from Paul Lambert to the radio presenter. You couldn''t make it up
  19. How about Benitez to villa Lennon stays at celtic and the messiah comes here? I have heard it from a very reliable source in the waveney valley
  20. Not keen on Malky would much prefer Paul Lambert aka the Messiah
  21. With Lerner selling Villa the new owner will probably want their own manager in charge. The board should wait to see what happens in Brum before making our appointment as the Messiah may shortly be available
  22. He put the chicken in running about like a headless chicken. NO NO NO and No again
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