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  1. Ipswich Crazy, his sister & his wife. So that would equal two then . . . . . .
  2. As per usual, any time John opens his mouth on the whole unfortunate tale, it tells us more of the kind of man John is rather than the gentleman Justin was. RIP Justin, thanks for the memories
  3. [quote user="lake district canary"][quote user="......and Smith must score."][quote user="Making Plans"][quote user="lake district canary"]Oh - and I see the manager agrees. [/quote]Does that mean that you are right or does it mean that the manager is as clueless as you?[/quote][:D][/quote] Ha ha.......unless the manager is right. [:P] [/quote] The interim manager is as clueless as the former manager, so by a process of elimination . . . . . . . .
  4. Understand the logic of waiting, but why not put someone like Hucks in charge to give us a bit of incentive to go. I personally can''t be bothered to watch any more of that dross this season. Might as well have kept Alex Neil & got rid at the end of the season. What a shambles
  5. Plenty of leg room. Bit crowded before the match & at half time when people sitting further back come down to "stretch their legs" in the gangway at the front, but still comfortable
  6. Alien. Re do the tag line as "In space, no-one can hear you boo"
  7. [quote user="Lessingham Canary"] Duncan Edwards wrote: Lessingham Canary wrote:City 2nd Moxey v Morty - no competition, Morty has an answer for everything. Moxey - doesn''t! Big question, who would you put Balls up against ? Rachel Riley? I think that would be balls deep Strictly speaking ? probably would.[/quote] Probably ? I''d have two from the top & one from the bottom
  8. [quote user="Duncan Edwards"][quote user="Lessingham Canary"]City 2nd Moxey v Morty - no competition, Morty has an answer for everything. Moxey - doesn''t! Big question, who would you put Balls up against ?[/quote] Rachel Riley?[/quote] I think that would be balls deep
  9. Is there a reliable source for the KFC ? I usually prefer the barbecue one . . . .
  10. It''s such a shame that the club don''t sell a programme or something before the match that has all the names of the away team in. That way if you were really interested in who was playing you could buy one of those . . . . Or, you could listen properly, as I heard the Wigan team read out by the stadium announcer just before they read out our team
  11. I paid for an Escort once, & considering what turned up, I paid well over the odds !!
  12. I realise there must be a time difference in the Philippines, but surely it''s not 4 days ?
  13. I apologise, but I am extremely sad. We have a blue mug in the house, & my Wife knows not to make me a cup of tea in it as I will not drink it, I have accidentally dropped it a couple of times, but the bloody thing didn''t break. My Wife bought me a blue & white pin striped shirt to wear at work. Obviously it is in the wardrobe unworn. When re-decorating the bathroom, my Wife said she would like to make it a beach themed room with blue walls. I told her I would divorce her if she did. Likewise, my Wife suggested our new summerhouse should be decorated as if it was a beach hut & suggested a blue & white colour scheme. I said I would set a match to it unless it was painted green. Come to think of it, my Wife is constantly suggesting blue colour schemes, is she a closet binner ? Oh my, I think I need a solicitor . . . . . .
  14. Sorry Morty, I''m sure you understood the Python reference but I''ll now back out as I did only pay for the five minute argument & didn''t pay for a double . . . . . :-)
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