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  1. Cornelius was far from a good signing at the time Phillip, we had only signed him on three viewings, the league was already wrapped up and his goals had dried up since they more or less won it. I''m sure they weren''t in the Champions League that season either. 10m is far from acceptable for an unproven striker. We had Gestede in the mould of Cornelius really. We needed a goal-scoring striker, our top goal scorer was a 35 year old on nine goals ffs. Mackay then bought Odemwingie to patch up the mess he made with Cornelius. (Apparently Malky and Moody took a bung from the Cornelius deal, healthy little piece of the deal for him and Moody)
  2. [quote user="Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man"][quote user="Bluebird"]Not that you guys would care as it''s nothing to do with your club but Tan has come out and said that he turned down Remy on loan(no loan fee with 35k wages a week) for Cornelius. This itself shows Malky is a shady character and his reputation has been WELL and truly tarnished.[/quote]If Tan has indeed said that, I find it very hard to believe. No loan fee for Remy and only £35k a week wages?.He is/was reported to be on £60-70k a week at QPR. Surely they would''ve charged a large (probably seven-figure) loan fee and demanded who took him pays all his wages? I am not buying that. Especially not from Vincent Tan.[/quote] Him and Fernandes are good business partners and friends, so I guess Fernandes would have paid the other half and if QPR asked for any players off us at the time we would have gladly agreed to give them t them in a transfer co-operation if you will.
  3. Corenlius without a shadow of a doubt. Cornelius - 10m and 45k a week wages
  4. Not that you guys would care as it''s nothing to do with your club but Tan has come out and said that he turned down Remy on loan(no loan fee with 35k wages a week) for Cornelius. This itself shows Malky is a shady character and his reputation has been WELL and truly tarnished.
  5. I hope so Dandy, I am not one who was heavily affected by it as I''m just a Cardiff fan who wants to see his side and wants to see us survive but we were promised a debt free club and now he is only converting only a quarter of the debt we owe to him despite saying he would convert it all at the start of last season and then after the settlement with Malky. He has promised to compromise if we achieve promotion next season, he really is a mad man and I for one would prefer for the club to be united once again rather than be left high in the clouds
  6. He is a good top half Championship manager who can probably challenge for the play-offs without a big budget with the right players and is a great motivator, I am a massive Solskjaer fan at the moment and excited for what he has in store for us next season, but he is far from the motivator that Malky was and that is saying something. The football is extremely dull, sometimes you see a few glimpses of good football but that''s down to the players ability, Craig Noone was one player who tore the Championship last season and was a regular but then didn''t make his Premier League debut until November, proving Malky''s stubborness to give him a go when really Noone was our ONLY out and out winger. The fees are staggering and whilst the board and owner have to take the blame, you have to wonder how he would spend this time round. It has sort of tarnished his reputation if you will, I see him touted for Premier League jobs but he is massively inexperienced at that level and has what? Five months in a job where he was hovering above the relegation zone despite winning the Championship last season and spending 35m in the summer? It is almost embarrassing I am heavily appreciative for him taking us to the next level and 11/12 was one of my most enjoyable seasons as a Cardiff fan but it seems once he achieved that success on such little finances it went to his head and he believed he was a better manager than he actually was
  7. [quote user="Dandy Mountfarto"]Cheers for that mate. I must point out though, managers do not spend club money with no oversight. If the players Malky and his team identified and signed weren''t good enough, blame him for that, but he will have not been there signing cheques willy nilly. The lack of value for money is on the board and the executives, not the manager.[/quote] I fully agree with that and Tan and the board will have to accept some of the blame but Malky and Moody were given a free reigns of the transfer budget if you will, Cornelius was signed after three viewings in a league which was already wrapped up. Malky then moved to say Cornelius was one for the future despite once being our record signing.
  8. [quote user="kick it off"]Thanks for that, interesting insight.I think what you have said here echoes my own opinion (although that is formed from a far lower breadth of knowledge obviously). I''m not keen on Malky, and sincerely hope we don''t get him, because I feel that as you say, he is a Championship manager who achieved beyond his capabilities (As in, he got to the Premier League, but he''s not capable of being a successful Prem manager right now).Was it £12mill he spent on Medel? It was some ridiculous figure for an incredibly over-rated player.Good to hear someone with more knowledge, offering the same views that many of us are being criticised for expressing, by our fellow fans who see Mackay as the saviour in waiting.[/quote] Always happy to help, it may seem I am very negative regarding Mackay despite him delivering our promotion, he didn''t prepare us at all in the right manner, if you get a 10-15m budget just for promotion and 30m in wages you are expected to prepare a PL worthy squad, not ask for 50m in the summer and then ask for more in the January window. He has made many mistakes in the window, Cornelius, Brayford and Velikonja being just three I can remember. It is correct we spent 12m on Medel, we could have got him for 6.5m 2 weeks earlier if we had not remained patient with Etienne Capoue who was taking the club for a ride(he ended up joining Spurs) this was not the only time we had allowed a player more than a week to decide if they were joining(Tom Ince did this as well). Medel is our most expensive player and don''t get me wrong he is a good player but definitely not PL material, started off well but piled on the pounds and was blowing wind out of his arse for the rest of the season with both eyes set for the World Cup I will be very surprised if he is to get a Premier League job again unless he builds a side up and takes them there himself, it would be suicidal for a club to give him the budgets we gave him. Maybe he can become a PL manager that is there for years to come if he learns from his mistakes. I feel it is a fairytale appoint if you do appoint him as he spoke highly of you in press conferences when he was here but he was only loved with you as a player and sometimes going back to former players doesn''t pan out right and you lose the love you once shared for them. Personally I feel you should go for a manager in L1 who is young and upcoming but knows the Championship division. Maybe even go all out as you have the finances.
  9. I wouldn''t read into it. Whilst it praises him, this season Malky had a falling out with Bellamy and was often made to travel to games and not play a part, at Palace and Chelsea he travelled and was told he wouldn''t be playing so would stay on the coach. Craig Bellamy is nothing more than a liar, a hypocrite and a no-neck false hero. You are more than welcome to take the 30-35k a week hasbeen
  10. It is a strange one in my opinion that he paid for his own lawyers to take down Tan and now he is dropping it? Maybe he has been paid off and made to keep quiet but the apology he gave was nothing less than disgraceful than a man that prides himself on morals.
  11. Sorry for yet another Malky thread you must be fed-up of them. I just come in piece to discuss Malky''s management style, you may have kept a close eye on Malky during the Championship and you may have even come across him in the 10/11 season if I''m correct? I''m here to just give a few heads-up pointers if he is to be appointed your manager He is a brilliant media minipulator, not to mention he will be at a club that lies deep in his heart, if appointed I have no doubt there will be a massive amount of love in from him from the media, he sweetens the media up and thrives on using the word passion. He had the media down here wrapped round his fingers and played them to his advantage, whilst he was about to be sacked they were firmly backing him over Tan which isn''t a surprise as Tan is perceived as a pantomine villain and Malky the saint. Malky Mackay''s football is not very pretty but effective in the Championship but this only works with the right players, since you are a recently relegated side I''m not too sure whether he will return to us for players but if he does they will be his favourites in Andrew Taylor, Don Cowie and Tommy Smith but in my opinion you have a squad more than capable of challenging for promotion in the Championship. In Malky''s first season he performed the miracle of all miracles, getting us to a League Cup final and a play-off semi final with a budget of about 3m, assembling a new squad after being left with nothing. A brilliant feat in itself that season but his team seemed to go off the boil towards the end of the season, which is evident with Watford, (he had the Championship top goal scorer in Danny Graham and Don Cowie in the top 3 of the assists chart and somehow finished mid-table?!) we had only secured our play-off spot on the final day. Now it brings me to last season, the re-brand in place and Malky was the guy given the biggest warchest in the clubs history. In my opinion he bought the players required of him to get promoted but it came at a cost, our wages last season were a remarkable 30m, with us spending 10-15m on transfers just to get out of the division. He also loaned Kerim Frei due to the lack of wingers we had despite this large budget but never used Frei?! Malky tends to give big wages to his football friends it seems, although since he has Norwich in his heart I hope this is not the case this time. He achieved promotion I feel in a very poor Championship and it was evident, we''ve been relegated for being too sentimental with our Championship team. Malky didn''t buy well at all in the Premier League and spent too much on singular players rather than spending wisely on assembling a team worthy of PL safety Apologies if it''s more about us than you but I feel that Malky is just another Hughton, a Championship manager who got given a chance in the Premier League. Although Hughton can find a few bargains, Malky on the other hand is more of a throw the cheque book manager and you''ll succeed in my opinion. The football is not pretty but with the right players you can achieve promotion but what''s the fun in getting promoted if you can''t enjoy what you see? Hope to visit Carrow Road next season, good luck in the Championship with us
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