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  1. clever trevor


    Would have thought Farke has seen enough in training to know if Amadou would improve the midfield or not.If others have stepped up and impressed that’s why they play and he doesn’t .
  2. clever trevor

    Lukas Rupp

    I confess I had not heard of him until today so I will wait until he actually plays a game or two for us before before judging him.
  3. clever trevor

    Shout for Tettey -

    Been picked regularly by every Coach/manager we have had in his time at Carrow road simply because he is a very good defensive midfielder.Might even get another season out of him with a bit of luck.
  4. clever trevor

    Grant Hanley

    Better defender than Godfrey deserves to be in the team.Obviously not as gifted but we look a lot better at the back with him.
  5. clever trevor


    Spot on City 2nd young Max is one of my favourite players but his defending is not his strong point.When we play so well and still end up with no points obviously players will be criticised.None of our players are beyond that whether they are our favourites or one of the youngest in the team.
  6. clever trevor

    Seasons Greetings

    Merry Christmas everyone stay safe and have a good day
  7. clever trevor

    Nelson's Revenge...

    Never stays long at any club he has played for suggests the problem is him not the club.On reflection he was not good enough although he obviously liked the financial rewards of being in Norfolk.
  8. clever trevor

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    There is no way anyone will be paying fifty million for Godfrey would be surprised if we got anything like that for him and Max together they are part of a very poor defence.Potential to improve yes but not for that sort of money.
  9. clever trevor

    Godfrey to Spurs?

  10. clever trevor

    Where’s Hanley ?

    I can see where this post is coming from I fear for us every time a set piece comes into our penalty area.Zonal marking might be part to blame but it should not hide the fact that a few of our players are easily bullied.A fit Hanley would provide a bit more strength in there.
  11. clever trevor

    Pace and fitness in the attacking area

    After watching the game this afternoon I think we need a couple of defenders who can defend.A centre back who can play the ball forwards rather than back to the keeper who then knocks it long anyway and a bit more robust player to compete with Max who has not stepped up like we all thought he would.Good first half but needed the second goal.They came out to play in the second half and within a few minutes we were not at the races.
  12. clever trevor

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    I worry every time we give away a corner or free kick we are not very good at defending.If Spurs or anyone else offer anything like what is being touted for any of our young defenders I think we should take the money.Also please no more zonal marking.
  13. clever trevor

    Ricardo's report v Arsenal

    Lots of good performances but I thought McLean was superb today driving us forward a pity he didn’t put the chance he had away but he really did play well.Thought we could have won it but if you can’t win don’t lose.
  14. clever trevor

    England look better with......

    Sterling is a class player who if fit should always start.. I’m more concerned about the lack of class central defenders even Mcguire does not look as good as he was before he got his big move.
  15. clever trevor

    Self inflicted defeat

    Strange that the players I thought could step up have not.Tonight was not good seems like confidence is shot but we all knew that the players that took us up would be given a chance and most of us thought that was the right thing to do.Its not working but for those who keep on about not spending in the summer how much would have been enough we went down that route before and still got relegated.Perhaps we should cash in on one or two of our starlets as they are not pulling up any trees ar the moment.