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  1. clever trevor

    England look better with......

    Sterling is a class player who if fit should always start.. I’m more concerned about the lack of class central defenders even Mcguire does not look as good as he was before he got his big move.
  2. clever trevor

    Self inflicted defeat

    Strange that the players I thought could step up have not.Tonight was not good seems like confidence is shot but we all knew that the players that took us up would be given a chance and most of us thought that was the right thing to do.Its not working but for those who keep on about not spending in the summer how much would have been enough we went down that route before and still got relegated.Perhaps we should cash in on one or two of our starlets as they are not pulling up any trees ar the moment.
  3. clever trevor

    Duncan Forbes

    RIP Big Dunc like others have said a true City Legend and brilliant captain.
  4. clever trevor

    That's An Absolutely Superb Point

    Tettey makes so much difference. Its no coincidence that every manager/Coach that we have had over the time that Alex has been at the club put him in the starting line up when he is fit.Still a few more miles left in Alex yet.
  5. clever trevor

    Todd Cantwell

    Wes was a top player for us over a number of years and quite rightly a club legend,Todd has just started out on his career and is doing brilliantly who knows at this early stage how good he will become.At their peak lots of former players would have got into this team it is nonsense to say they wouldn’t and is being disrespectful to some top professionals that we have had the pleasure to have watched over the years.Lets just enjoy the ride
  6. clever trevor

    Now do you understand??

    Well Lakey I think a few people will be eating humble pie tonight.Just back from the game feeling completely knackered.What a great team and coach we have.They never stopped running and the crowd was probably the loudest I can remember for a long long time.
  7. clever trevor

    Now Hanley is injured

    Looks like Zimmerman is having to play because of injuries to the other central defenders lets hope it’s not too soon for him and he stays fit and has a good game.Also like quite a few of our players it’s a big step up in this league, fingers crossed he can make this next level
  8. clever trevor

    Andre Dozzell

    A little bit of perspective required not anywhere near the standard required for our U23s and not worth anything approaching the 5million being quoted.Leave well alone
  9. clever trevor

    Ricardo Remembers Part 1

    Thanks Ricardo it also brought back lots of fond memories for me also.My first match at Carrow Road was around 1959 I was picked up by my Uncle Stan who had a motorcycle with a side car.We travelled from Wymondham and parked opposite Colman’s factory in a motorcycle area and stood in the Barclay where i was promptly transported down to the front where I had my first taste of watching professional football.Apart from when I was playing the game myself I have been supporting City ever since,as I have told lots of people it’s easy to support some of the big teams who win lots of things but to support your local team through thick and thin is what it’s always been about for me.
  10. clever trevor


    That will definitely be the last time we watch it,unbelievable what is portrayed as acceptable and normal nowadays.Its not really about the song anymore the sooner we stop setting people up to fail in a corrupt politically motivated cringeworthy competition the better.
  11. Looking at the punishment being dealt out to Bolton.12 point deduction at least at the start of next season.Also Leeds punishment a few years ago how lucky were Ipswich to escape any punishment when they shafted all and sundry including Aviva a few seasons back.
  12. clever trevor

    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    We won’t have to worry about Gayle next season like Murphy he is not good enough for the Premier League and will be out on loan again.Before anyone says yes it remains to be seen if we will be good enough but it’s going to be fun finding out.
  13. clever trevor

    Academy players released

    There are some very good players playing professional football who would have been released at some time in their early careers.Good luck to this batch of players they might well make a go of it elsewhere.
  14. clever trevor

    Style or Survival

    There are two fantastic sides another three or four very good sides in the Premier League ,City are quite capable of getting points off any of the others especially if we add a few more good hungry youngsters.No dull football for me please it wouldn’t work for us.
  15. clever trevor


    What would they have to discuss apart from complete failure this season and not much better to look forward to next season.