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  1. I''ve met Kyle a few times. I''d say he''ll ruffle a few feathers, but will work hard and lift the dressing room. Takes a mean free kick too.
  2. Maybe I used the word ''cool'' wrong, but I thought there was something to it (I was also surprised to hear him speak in that accent, doesn''t seem to suit his face.) He kinda reminded me of the guitarist Jeff Beck. Someone who is admired by so many musicians, spanning across genres, but doesn''t seem to care. His passion is all about fixing hot rods, so he''ll do his tour, get his few bob, then retreat to this country home to play with his cars. I''m not saying David Bentley is a fantastic role model, or even a good guy. But it sounds like he abused the system, rather than indulging it. I occasionally have to make stuff I''d rather not, but it frees me up to do sculpture for several months. If that''s where he''s at, then fair play. He used his resources, got out, and is now doing something he enjoys. Actually, I think that''s pretty cool.
  3. From that interview I thought he seemed kinda cool. Disillusioned with the whole thing. Takes balls just to say **** that. Where would a lot of these guys be if it were not for football? All the money, fame, and pressure is gonna screw with your head.
  4. I saw that season on video. I think Norwich were second when Walker left (and had had the Uefa cup run).....They plummeted to 12th(?) after he went to Everton, and continued to plummet into the first division the season after. So I think he did have a lot to do with the success of the team.
  5. Thought Steve Morison looked hard. Like a national Front Foot solider, armed with a pick and a plank
  6. I posted something similar in another thread, but it got overlooked so meh. I would not consider myself a plastic even though I''ve only ever been to Norfolk once. A plastic is like...a certain kind of person no? Jump on the bandwagon, glory chasing kinda cat. These kind of people would not choose to support Norwich, a team without an incredibly glittery career or current success. I think it''s more of cultural shift that people get frustrated with. Seems like football is no longer a working man''s game. It is expensive to go see a match, you''re watching a team of professionals you can not relate too. It''s a big deal. Tallying up my disposable income from last year, I could of afforded to go to about 3 matches if I lived in Norwich. I don''t, and therefore I could of realistically afforded to go to one. However, I could afford to buy plastic bottles and balloons in order to make 30 galleons of wine which I could drink whilst watching live streams. And I am sad, that there will be no more streams. I am sad.
  7. Really do not see what everyone''s problem is. This is the same team which won the league last year, we''re playing away from home, and they are boosted by a new manager/favorite son/sister in law banging type.....and the media world''s rampant support. We''re doing fine. The penalty was a bollocks, but if that''s what separates us at the end of the day, well feck it.
  8. We might end up going down. I think everyone realizes now that Hughton should of gone months ago (forced to live out the rest of his existence in some kind of parallel dimension where everyone talks in a dull monotonic way and is so afraid of committing that they breed themselves out of existence). But if we do go down, we go down fighting.....and Neil Adams and the team proved today that we can stay up, and if we don''t, well we would of given it a great shot. Liverpool won today due to a spectacular goal, a mistake on our part, and some dodgy refereeing. We will get our share of the luck before the season is out. Dare to dream. Peace.
  9. Cool. Must of exploded down there in recent years. I remember coming back to West Cork after being away from some years. The amount of ''alternative do gooder blown in types'' were amazing (I''m guilty of that, but you know yourself it can get a bit tiresome when some oxbridge sounding snob goes on at length about how he''''s building his house out of human excrement''.) But, good to know there are other City fans in the country. Went to Norwich for the first time a couple of years back and really liked the city. Was really warm and I made friends with a fire breathing pirate outside Boots. Those were good days.
  10. Wouldn''t it be funny if Neil Adams just started lying...... (Imaginary) Press Conference could something like this: We have nothing to fear against Liverpool. They are a poorly organized team who haven''t won all season. There players have cheese for teeth, and spindly little legs made from poorly grown bamboo (bamboo grown in some nasty part of midland Spain, dug into hot clay behind a derelict factory). Any perceived success they have enjoyed this season can be explained by the negative light phenomenon, and anyway I will be lining up my players with state of the art automatic weapons this week.
  11. I was born in Bantry. Mother was a Norwich Fan for some reason. Live up in Donegal now. Are you part of the English ''recycle toilet paper'' brigade?
  12. wcorkcanary, where about''s in West Cork do you live?
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