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  1. Could it mean Lennon coming here, or could it mean Lambertinio is going there or C none of the above?
  2. "Adams has done a good job the last 2 games but our next manager has just left Old Trafford. Get him in for Saturday and he will want to ram it down uniteds throat...." That''s surprising, especially coming from who-tons second biggest fan after lsd of course.
  3. agreed mr smith, but how would the board know we wanted a change when herman,nutty,lakey start jerking of at the mere mention of chris super manager hughton. Lets not forget were a team that havnt spent a lot like palace and hull and they''re at the bottom also (I MUST OF HEARD THE MONEY ARGUEMENT OFF MONTY 10 TIMES THIS SEASON AT LEAST) However id say today has shown what a decent manager could of done with our squad this season.... Also lets not forget the " adams what neil adams nooooo hes never done nothin" arguement. well hes 10 times the manager of coco that is plain to see. All in all mcnally and the cook have sunk us this season. no decent players in january to help us get over the line, leaving that muppet in charge til it was far to late have all contributed to us going down. so see ya mcnicey see ya delia, cos its time to sell your dolls house now to someone who KNOWS anything about football as between her and mcnally they have been blind stupid this season. But hey wtf''s it matter to them hey. Were all still going to be there next season GLORY supporting the great norwich city through thick and thin while their discussing what shape a football is and why theres an odd (25) number of players on the pitch. shambolic running of a club.
  4. And you wouldn''t start another thread 10 minutes later with updated odds lsd???
  5. You''ll have fun looking out your window all day at the "little peeps" won''t you lsd
  6. Whoever it is lakey even after a 50% loss rate for two years............ You''ll be clapping them on along with your pals.
  7. [quote user="Jenkins"]Top post Alex. If the atmosphere is poisonous at Villa Park together with a disgruntled group of players then its all good. Lambert was not as popular here as people like to believe, with the staff and some of the players, he ruled with an iron fist, now if you have a broken management team and disgruntled players I am not sure that approach is going to work. Not sure he is so good at the conciliatory stuff.[/quote] WHAT A BELL_END!!!!!!! he was hated by all, i never enjoyed 1 game under him. Who honestly even spent 10 minutes wandering what "the backroom staff" were doing when Lambert was here????? NOBODY because we were WINNING games ATTACKING EVERY yes EVERY team that pretty much HOME AND AWAY(barr Leicester cup) the football WAS awesome, the fans were HAPPY, ANYTHING WAS POSSIBLE then fast forward 12 months weve got coco here defending 1-1 with F**KING HULL down to TEN MEN. FOR PEOPLE TO SAY ALL WASNT ROSEY WHEN LAMBERT WAS HERE IS TOSH UTTER TOSH. No doubt the ones who say it wasn''t rosey are the ones who thought 100% of fans loved super chris and his super tactics. FU(K THE BOARD, FU(K COCO AND MOST OF ALL FU(K THE FANS WHO SUPPORTED THAT USELESS PIECE OF 5HIT!
  8. Would of been great if Culverhouse had of stepped up when Lambert walked away and took control of a group of players he knew very well at the time. However the way everything ended up i just couldnt see McNicey losing face three YES THREE times ONCE when Lambert went TWO 2 when we go down and he doesn''t prefer "DEATH TO RELEGATION" 3, when he picks up the phone and rings.......ring ring, ring ring hello ian mateeeeee are you ok? come back please please please iann.... hello, helllo hello iannnn are you there
  9. Unfortunately we will, but at least were gonna go down waving the clappers, with Long Distance Cun-tary leading the clapping. However this was an entirely avoidable situation if coco had departed say ummmmmm 13 months ago when we were first in real trouble. oooops we finished 11th so we were mid table all season right?????
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