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  1. Alex Neil has dragged us to the very edge of the promised land. If we don`t go up this year, we will succeed next season. A full season of a similar win ratio and all is good. Alex is the right man for the job. Kn0b.
  2. Our gain is Accie`s loss. Looking forward to a more robust and positive approach. Happy Days.
  3. Lennon needed tons of cash at Celtic to maintain a winning squad. He left when the money dried up. He will keep Bolton up, but will not lead them to the promised land. New Neil will deliver the goods, keep watching the skies. Oh yeah, football at Celtic under Lennon was dire.Hamilton fans are enjoying entertaining football and a spirit of optimism that we badly need.
  4. A good choice. Will get the best out of the players, or at least will give the players a chance to show if they belong at the club. Expect to see younger/fringe players getting their chance. Hamilton are a revelation in the SPL, looking forward to the rest of the season with much expectation. OTBC.
  5. Despite having next to no opposition since he joined, Lennon has had a poor return by Scottish Old Firm hegemony standards. Most Celtic fans I have spoken to are desperate to offload him in our, or anybody else''s direction. When his teams are placed under any pressure, they retreat into their shells and grind out results that do not reflect their obvious superior fire power. Ignore the occasional monstering of some very weak teams and Celtic are mundane and negative in the extreme. Celtic get up to four shots a season to pick up 3 points against weaker teams, they win titles in the same way a roller flattens tarmac, but in a less interesting manner. They get into Europe a lot, because of geography, and live on the rare lucky home night that any team would get if they played often enough. Bit like us in the Premier League. Take a peek at their European away results under Lennon. That is what we would get domestically. Hope he won''t come. Praying that we stay up and Adams gets a chance to inject pride and optimism back into the squad.
  6. As a long time resident of Scotland and a Canary, I would like to say that Lennon coming to Carrow Road would be a retrograde step and would mark the beginning of a footballing Dark Ages for us. He will bring nothing but misery. Note to Board: Avoid at all costs.First game: March 23. 1974 . V Stoke City.
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