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  1. Maybe some kids are trying to have a little fun rather than all the doom and gloom that is going on and not trying to show disrespect!!!
  2. [quote user="Rupethebear"]Have you ever heard what happens to spoilt ballot papers?[/quote] No tell us more!!!!
  3. Le juge, I think it''s good to have a bit of competition I''ll be happy if Nash wins and but a 2nd place for becchio!!!
  4. It no more a piss take than calling CH out or the booos or even that big piss take that Elmander starts and becchio doesn''t get a real chance!!!
  5. After not being given a real chance from that bloke picking the team and Elmander some how starting!!! Please join me with a vote from the fans for becchio for player of the season!!!! #votebecchio
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