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  1. Reading between the lines: ''I want Neil to stay because he puts me in the team!''
  2. I fear the lack of trust many of the supporters have with the management and players, (and vice versa?) has created an almost untenable situation regarding the manager. I firmly believe if we had had this squad following a promotion from the championship the ongoing feel good factor would have brought great things out of it. However the current pessimistic viewpoint is so difficult to break out of following some of the limpest performances in recent years. It is a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy. I think many are engaging in destructive self-mutilation of our club by turning on team and manager - waiting with baited breath to call whoever it might be useless. Obviously feelings we all have but it has, in my opinion, been harmful to player confidence and even decisions by the manager. I think they all work in fear. The fans are waiting for something to criticise. When was the last time we won some points through final minutes crowd fervour? It happened regularly in the promotion seasons. I however think that the players should have the bravery and leaders to counteract the crowd to perform well and get them onside. If they can''t do that then the team just isn''t that good. It is far too late for any changes apart from desperate dice rolling with a panicked new manager appointment. Which I feel would only serve to placate fans rather than actually aid our hopes of staying up. (could a new manager really come in and instantly get to know our squad and find suitable tactics within the short time available?) However if doing so boosted fan and player morale it could make the difference. I don''t see how we could break out of the viscous cycle of fan-team friction without a win at Fulham and a unrelentingly good performance against Liverpool. Because the moment something goes badly which it does in football the crowd is lost. But how can we not be pessimistic following that performance?!? I think Hughton has to go at the end of the season solely based on the atmosphere of dissent. Unless close season can some how sooth things. Which to me is sad as I think he could have been a success here. But I don''t want to watch another season with the ''poisonous atmosphere'' it is un-enjoyable and limits us.
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