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  1. would take a narrow win against fulham on saturday, really need 3 more points
  2. calm down, i dont really care about researching totenham, lighten up
  3. Yeah Johnson will be the only player to find another premier league club if they go down. 4-1 yids, it''s a hammering!!!!
  4. Think sunderland are doomed now for survival, hopefully
  5. he scores when he wannnnts harry kane, he scores when he wantsss
  6. We can do this, got to believe now, win at fulham on saturday OTBC
  7. Honestly believe we can do this now, time for the players to get the finger out now and start getting some points starting with fulham
  8. You really haven''t been watching norwich atal this season have you, they were deserved boos, hughton out!
  9. Spot on long drives home, its almost as if the happy clappers want us to go down aswell as the board and hughton, if we do nothing today about this mess of a manager it will be too late after fulham game, totally blinkered by whats going on
  10. I think that its whats needed if the club want to have more ambition, think were capable of much more than fighting off relegation each year in prem which the current board have set the standards at, and also need a much better manager
  11. If Hughton is not gone by tomorrow night then yes sadly
  12. nothing about it so far if true, jst alot of unhappy geordies wishing he was sacked even though there comfortably midtable
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