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  1. he was a name I put forward a week ago and got shot down by a few, but I totally agree I believe he is the best of the unproven championship strikers out there, head and shoulders above McCormack and Andre Gray. He is quick, strong and can score goals I agree its a step up but i think its worth a punt especially if we ship out two or three strikers although I would also like to see a second striker as well.
  2. I agree I would take him over Grabban now as he is strong and quick and I believe even now he is more of a goal threat then Grabban maybe just need to polish off the rough edges
  3. thankyou Yorkshire Pudding my point was I would like to get him for his potential and also a reckonised goalscorer. Sure you could get the two for say £16m and possibly recoup approx £10m for ricky, Lafferty and Hoops so an outlay of £6m would I believe give us a better options
  4. Its not stupidity, just saying that we keep getting quoted with championship strikers ie McCormack again and there is probably no legs in it but if we are going to have to settle for a championship striker who has a pretty good strike rate then we could do worse than Benik Ofobe
  5. He has not really been mentioned on here but I believe he is a much better fit than all the other championship strikers that have been mentioned, he is one that I think would be a good fit for Norwich Strong quick and can score goals and only 23. I would take him over McCormack, Rhodes, Martin, Murphy any day of the week. But would still be nicer to also have a quality top striker as well and maybe ship out all of Ricky, Lafferty and Hoops
  6. I have one adult two under 17 and one under 12 in lower N+P if interested in taking family as I am working and older kids now play senior football on Saturdays would take £45 for all four please PM me
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