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  1. To be honest, hughton has not been mentioned around the hawthorns very much. More fears over Dave Jones coming to us, especially if Terry Burton enters the hierarchy at WBA. I would give Sherwood a chance, but i think he''ll want money to play with, something our chairman will not give.
  2. [quote user="pete"]That''ll teach em for beating us and staying up, odds on for relegation next season.[/quote] ok, not quite seeing that logic but hey
  3. Can''t see a classic if I''m honest. I always want us to win, and wednesday is no different, but Sunderland fans will be screaming at their team to make sure it doesn''t go down to sunday. I just hope, then, that they bottle it against us and we come away with a 2-0 victory :D In reality, i''d probably expect a boring stalemate.
  4. Finally, a respectable response! Interesting decision to get rid of hughton. Could be a wolves or could be a roy hodgson esque decision when he came to us....
  5. I''ll trundle off to vital forum, at least you can have a proper civilised chat over there! Actually, erm, surprisingly not considering we shot ourselves in the foot... Anyway, we''re all square are we not after your 2-0 win at our place?! I''ll get me coat....
  6. Yes i fully expect some stick and i''m not here to gloat. We rode our luck a little today but obviously i''m relieved to get the 3 points. With regards to saying are you down yet, don''t jump to conclusions just yet. A fair few teams still right in the mix. Big game next week at fulham for you, question is who will want it more...
  7. Yeah in all honesty there isn''t a huge amount between our sides, we aren''t great up front but struggle to keep the goals out too, so it''s gonna be a nervy game that is for sure. I''m using you''ve used up all your home game luck of late and we can put in a very good shift to see us to victory. Nothing against Norwich of course, i went to UEA for a year and loved it, but both teams are desperate to stay up as there is rarely any guarantee of bouncing straight back. I think those cut outs can enhance the atmosphere, but that said, yesterday was electric and we still shot ourselves in the foot completely. Everyone was drained when cardiff equalised yesterday and i still hope/think they''ll meet their fate this season. If sunderland blow tomorrow then they have chelsea man city united and spurs all away in their next 6, a tough selection of games, and hopefully a saving grace.
  8. Hi Guys, Well after the most devastating hammer blow at the death yesterday i think all morale and hope was temporarily drained out of us, so this match is sort of a big deal. If you win, i think you are safe, but if we win, we give ourselves a fighting chance, and if i had to choose when the season ended, i think round about now would be be ideal after an utterly awful awful season. No cup run, 5 wins the whole season and a complete reversal on last seasons fortunes. Plus, we''ve thrown away god knows how many leads which should give your team some belief. However, i just keep praying we can get the odd win to see us over the line and rebuild during the summer. You guys of course should see this as a prime opportunity to get that home win but if the miracle (:P) happens and we do get an away win i will feel a lot more positive about being over that dotted line in May. Lets just hope that Sunderland, Cardiff and Fulham stay where they are PLEASE.
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