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  1. I have read a post below written by Mr Carrow regarding Worthies post Fulham/relegation comments regarding squad size. I too very clearly remember Worthy saying in post Fulham/relegation interviews that he would be looking too replace any players that left and that he would be looking to add one or two more players due to the fixture list in the Championship  being very heavy with games coming mid week and then at the weekend. I too was very encouraged by these comments and envisaged us bringing in some decent players to give us a really good squad for the season ahead. I also was relishing, as i sure were many others us handing out some good thrashings to some teams and seeing us at the top challenging for automatic promotion. The question is, as Mr Carrow asked what happened? I am pretty certain that a few days after he made those comments Worthy had his meeting with the board and they tightened the purse strings right up. Worthy of course was not happy with this but would not criticise the board so as to retain a united front. I feel sorry for Worthy in a way, as he was not given the financial backing by the board that he, and most other fans expected. Why did Worthy have to sell Jonson to create some funds to strenghten with? Our role model is supposed to be Charlton, but we did not do a Charlton. Doing a Charlton would have meant giving Worthy money to go out and buy some better players. When i saw us linked with Hughes and Jarrett in the press i assumed that they were smokescreens and that we were after players of better quality, i was sadly wrong. Francis was not replaced because Nigel was probably not given the money to replace him with. Although the board make out that their aim is to become an established prem club, i do question how serious they are about this. Little old Norwich had there little adventure in the Premiership and now we are back to the usual division one. Your thoughts please.
  2. I agree. Burley may be ex Ipswich which will be hard for some to stomach but he is the best manager out there available. If we don''t snap him up then someone else will.
  3. I have come to terms with the fact that Ashton will leave for a premiership club in January. Why would he want to stay with us? Sure, if we were challenging for promotion then yeah he might want to stay but in our current predicament why on earth would he want to stay when he could move back home to Crewe (if Man City or Wigan come in for him which is likely), double his wages, and stand a very good chance of going to the World Cup in Germany. You might think well we could turn it around between now and January. Fair point, but lets be realistic here. Look at the fixture list for the coming 2 months. We have 2 home games coming up which yes, we should win (but will we?). Then its Wolves away, Luton at home, followed by Millwall, Coventry, Derby, and Crewe away. We then have Soton at home and Sheffield utd away (bear in mind that Davenport will have gone back to Spurs by the time these 2 games happen) and no i can''t see us going on a run. In fact i see us being managerless around this time, with either Worthy being sacked or resigning. So that leaves us in a real mess without a manager. We will be in such a mess that Dean will want out for sure i feel if Man City or Wigan come calling. I know this is negative but can you honestly see us turning results around and subsequently Ashton wanting to stay? Please discuss.
  4. I am also becoming anti Worthington. I have been pro Worthington up untill after the Millwall game. Sheffield Utd have beaten Millwall 4 -0 away from home. We could''nt beat them at home. The bad thing is we have alot of away games coming up. I have a hunch that Worthies days are numbered. This is not something that i want to see, but if he isn''t getting the results and he has been given plenty of time then it is time for him to go.
  5. Incidentally Palace have been linked with Eastwood. How gauling would it be if he signed for them.
  6. 1. Youseff Safri. It was clearly evident from yesterday just what an important player Safri is for us. We do not look no where near as good a team without him. He is going to be missing for the next few games and for probably 5 games during Jan and Feb for the ANC. His abscence will likely cost us a few points. 2. Callum Davenport. Again a very important player for us. His loan expires i believe half way through December. I have heard through a very reliable source that we are going to try and buy him in Jan. However, we are by no means guaranteed to get him and even if we do it could take untill mid to the end of Jan to get the deal sorted which means that we will be back to having Fleming in the centre of defence over this time which will again cost us a point or 2. 3. We have again yesterday failed to beat a side at home whom if we want to win automatic promotion we should beat. Millwall are added to the likes of Crewe, Coventry, Reading and Leeds where we have dropped valuable home points. We now have coming up before the end of the year 9 away games and only 5 at home. 4. Sheffield Utd and Crystal Palace. These two teams will win the automatic promotion places imo. We are already 18 pts behind Sheffield Utd who are incidentally already about 10 points clear of 3rd place. They will win the league, and i cannot for the life of me see us overhauling the 18 point gap between us and them. Palace are now starting to find form and have AJ returning from injury. They are going to take some stopping and will get the 2nd place promotion spot. We have the players to gain the 2nd spot but for the reasons above i don''t feel we will. However i could be wrong, and we could still challenge for 2nd place. All of the other teams like Wolves, Leeds, Soton, Luton are not convincing for me that they are good enough to get 2nd, but Palace unless they suffer an injury crisis could take some stopping. We will need Ashton to start firing on all cylinders ASAP if we are to have any chance of grabbing 2nd place, in addition to Dean finding form we will need maybe a couple of more loan signings to cover the 2 abscences discussed above. Long post i know but your thoughts please.
  7. I''ve heard that we are going to try and get him.
  8. Of course Hendersen is arrogant. I am surprised that you even ask the question. I have 2 contacts at the club and they both say Hendo is full of himself and cocky. To quote one of my contacts "Hendersen personality wise is just the same as Bellamy, cocky and arrogant, only he isn''t no where near as good a player as Bellamy".
  9. Hmmm. Both Hendersen and Jarvis will be released by the club at the end of the season imo. Worthy might give Jarvis a run out in the first team on Saturday but i feel that neither of these two will make it a NCFC. Jarvis is much hyped but the painful truth is he has made hardly any first team appearances? The reason for this lack of first team opportunities? He isn''t good enough. He is what 19/20 now? No, i am afraid that he is not going to make it. The same goes with Hendo. I have not seen anything from Hendo to suggest to me that he is good enough for a NCFC side that is looking to get promoted. My friend goes to every reserve game and he says that Hendo is rubbish. Granted i have not seen Hendo played up front much but he has hardly been a goal machine in the reserves has he? The same goes for Jarvis. If they were good strikers capable of making it in a Championship team surely they should score bucket loads of goals in the reserves?
  10. That first post was one of the best that i have read in a long time. It is so true that the transfer dealings this summer have been handled very badly. Thanks to our much highlighted prudence whilse in the Premiership we had an excellent opportunity this close season upon which to build a squad capable of launching a successful promotion challenge and also a squad with a decent nucleus that could hopefully compete in the Premiership. This nucleus when combined with the quality signings that we would be able to make due to Worthies hopefully generous transfer kitty coupled also with Ashtons goals would mean we would have a very good chance of staying up and becoming an established Premiership team. But, alas the transfer in''s and out''s this summer are looking very suspect and even if we were able to win back promotion to the Premiership many of the new look squad would need replacing. THIS IS NOT FOLLOWING THE CHARLTON ROLE MODEL. IN FOLLOWING THE CHARLTON MODEL YOU SHOULD, ONCE YOU ARE RELEGATED, ADD BETTER PLAYERS TO YOUR SQUAD SO THAT YOU STAND A VERY GOOD CHANCE OF WINNING PROMOTION BACK TO THE PREMIERSHIP AND OF HOLDING YOUR OWN AND SURVIVING WHEN YOU RETURN TO THE PREMIERSHIP.  I fear we have messed up and the failure to add the necessary quality and numbers to the squad this summer could have catatrosphic, long term implications for the clubs supposed ambition of becoming an established premiership club.
  11. We could use his creativity when played behind the front two as he was against Bolton at home last season.
  12. Look at it this way, it is five more hours for the players to recover from the game on Saturday.
  13. Yes, i tottally agree, i hate all the big clubs and would love it if they cleared off to form a Euro super league. It would make the premiership so much more interesting. There was alot of talk about a euro superleague being formed a while back but it has gone quiet recently. Hope the Glaziers can get one sorted out for everyone.
  14. Well i say well done to all of those fans who decided to start a little campaign of hate against AJ by having cards developed and constantly booing and chanting taunts at him. I said before the game that it would come back to haunt us and of course it did. When will you lot learn? AJ is now added to Marcus Bent and Armstrong who have had the last laugh in the last couple of seasons. Keep schtum next time.
  15. We need another quality midfielder. I hate to say it but when Safri went off on Saturday we looked clueless. Hughes and Jarret i think are both more grafters than ball players and will pass the ball sideways and backwards more than forward. Safri is so crucial to our team, if we do not get another quality CM in i will go as far as to say we will not win automatic promotion. Negative? yes, but he makes such a difference to our play, he creates opportunities as he uses the ball very well and he can dictate play. He is going to the African Nations Cup and we be missing for 5 games i beleive. His abscence could well cost us promotion.
  16. John Welsh at Liverpool could be a good loan signing. He is 21, an England U21 international and thought of highly. Similar to Gerrard is how some view him.
  17. No, bad idea. You just know that he would have the last laugh by scoring the winner.
  18. Hmmmmm, he has not been too convincing at all really. Also remember the back pass against Inter. I predict that Colin will be started at RB within the next five games and will make the position his own. He is not being played at the moment probably cos Worthy thinks he hasn''t settled in yet and isn''t up to fitness or his grasp of English is still poor.
  19. imo. Cast your minds back to the week after we had lost to Fulham. I recall Worthy saying that he wanted to replace all the players that left and add one or two more. This hasn''t happend, why? My guess is is that shortly after that statement Nige had his meeting with the board to discuss the transfer budget and they have tightened the purse strings. Nige says he is happy with the squad he has, rubbish! he is just saying this to show a united front. I am sure that he wants another CB and central midfielder but he hasn''t got the funds to do it.   YOur thoughts?
  20. The board are not giving him the cash to spend. He wants to replace everyone but hasn''t got the funds.
  21. I agree with the poster above (1st Wizard) we need another centre back. This should have been Worthies priority the moment we were relegated. We were strongly linked with Darren Ward so it appeared that it was indeed his priority, however all has gone quiet on that front, why is this? i beleive that a lack of funds could be the problem. However, it is very bad management if the club do not sign a new centre back before the transfer window closes. Even Worthy admitted at the end of last season that it was practically our inability to defend that had cost us our premiership status, i beleive he said "if you concede 80 odd goals what do you expect?" or words to that affect. That is why i find it staggering that he has not (as of yet) signed a new and good CB. The defence made alot of errors last season that were exploited by the quality players in the Premiership, i know that we are going to be playing against lesser players in the  Championship but those defensive frailities that cost us relegation last year are not suddenly going to dissapear and they will be exposed (albeit to a lesser extent) by teams. What worries me is that i feel that the league is going to be very tight with at least 4 teams in with a chance of auto promotion, the race will go right to last few games and our dodgy defence could cost us a top two spot. Flem and Doc might not be too bad in this league as people are saying but will our defence be better than say Palaces and Wolves? i think not so a new centre back is an absolute must and the board must stump up the cash to give to Worthy to allow him to bring one in. I mean a few hundred thousand is nothing compared to the millions that we will lose if we do''nt get promoted this season. Oh and incidentally i feel that we could get stuck in this league for a while if we do''nt get up this season as for one Ashton will be off. So come on Delia give Worthy the 500k - 1 million he needs to get a decent CB in or we including you could all suffer as a result.   Your thoughts?
  22. It''s all those Jehovahs Witness conventions we have been holding, they''ve taken their toll.
  23. No your wrong, if Francis leaves the we need 2 more players. A quality midfielder to replace Francis and a central defender. What i found a bit encouraging was listening to Roger Mumby on Talk Sport he told Parry that the squad was still a couple of players short of where we would want it to be. This was before the Francis to Wigan bid. So maybe Worthy will sign a CB, i hope so cos the i will be happy.
  24. I would''nt write off Ipswich. Most NCFC fans appear to be doing so, but i think an injury crisis aside that they will do well.
  25. Yes, there are indeed players who can exploit any defensive weaknesses. Hulse, Healy, BLAKE!, Webber and Ifill, Miller and Kennedy, AJ and Macken, Pahars and Ormerod in particular are all more than capable of doing so.
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