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  1. Mr Wizard, at least the Puppet Man made local news with his great departure only to return weeks later. Are you both related by any chance?
  2. I know of some people locally who are on benithieves and admit to playing the system. Stories of always being on hard times but also having many trips into the fine City to buy soft furnishings and frequent many a drinking establishments for more than a skinful. Have to admire the cheek of some people when their best skill is avoiding work to laze about on our money.
  3. Has Robert Snodgrass left yet or is he still with us? I believe everything I read but have not seen any confirmation that he left.
  4. Please stop fantasying over me Waveney, it will do you no good and will never cure your hairy palms.
  5. It''s the World Cup, it has to be played somewhere. People are not going to watch it because it''s a country which has more homeless than others? That is not going to change a thing, the money has already gone in. It could have gone to many poor countries and the same mentality would apply. It does bring to attention issues with each country but little we can do how money into that country is spent/distributed. Get over it and watch a football festival or you may as well stick a knife in the ball and declare the game dead!!!
  6. "In fact since the Messiah was forced out of the club they have been sticking both fingers up to the fans." Incorrect. I wasn''t here in the first place. If referring to Lambert, he walked away himself by not speaking to the board. Dangled a carrot from another club, not forced.
  7. Loan him out for a season. He will scores goals in that league again and we would get more for him in 12 months time than we would now.
  8. Permanent manager only in place a week and weighing up what he does. Who wants to stay, who wants to go and who needs to go needs to be thrashed out before we go throwing money around needlessly. Needs a bit of common sense
  9. Maybe those who turned us down didn''t get their varying T&Cs rubber stamped if XY & Z happens in following seasons? Malky wants reassurance that if prompted, he stays. Lennon wants a fix pot of gold, hence why he left Celtic. Zola got cocky about a certain back heel saying we could go for decent cup runs. And so on. Adams a yes man, saves money by trying more youngsters. Maybe, just maybe he can play the passing game along the ground and work on dominating that midfield where the above probably cannot? It may be his type of league to build experience. Who knows though.
  10. Go to McDonalds, locate that round tub which contains implements to aid drinking and clutch hard. I believe NCFC needs to progress, not regress.
  11. Not another one wanting me to manage NCFC? It ain''t going to happen! Divert your attention and energy elsewhere please.
  12. I will not manage Norwich City. Never have, never will.   Can you please stop bringing me into your weird fantasies and concentrate on something more meaningful? You will only grow more hairs on the palms of your hands if you do not stop it.
  13. Look at the current form and we are doomed. There for a reason, cannot score. http://www.premierleague.com/en-gb/matchday/form-guide.html Playing against 4 teams who are in the top 8 for conceding goals but more worryingly all 4 in the top 5 for scoring all season Put that against us in the bottom 2 for scoring goals and bottom 4 for conceding. Sure we''re going to get something based on that? It needs a miracle and not relying on others around us to slip up. They likes of Fulham and Palace upped their game when needed, we haven''t. Ditto unable to score in the past 3 games when we should have. It isn''t looking good.
  14. [quote user="Waveney Canary"]He was a square peg in a square hole at the carra. He will realise it return and all will be well in the canary world. Adams out Messiah back[/quote] He won''t return, he has Celtic written all over him. As much as his game is about his final 3rd, when he gets there, his achilles heel is the back 3rd. Awful. Dreadful even for us in next two tiers. Never solid and why he fails as a manager yet would reap the rewards at Celtic. That will be his next club, so stop living in a ''Those Were The Days'' world Waveney.
  15. I am the Messiah, why do you persist on wanting me back? For my take on it, Mike Walker was head and shoulders above Paul Lambert. Cannot believe someone can say otherwise. More chance of O''Neill making his 2nd coming, he did it once as a player and was as good as the first time around. Must trundle off and have a word in my Fathers ear to sort out this mistaken identity WC has.
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