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  1. [quote user="simmo_2"]This would be another great idea by Adams, lets keep buying forwards who get no service and then we will get rid to buy guess what another forward.[/quote] Spot on, one day someone at the club will see strikers can only score when they are given decent service. We had plenty of strikers at the club last season who could score goals, we just didn''t create them enough proper chances.
  2. [quote user="can u sit down please"]Loza seems to have turned into a young Michael Owen after a loan at Southend. Should be out on ooan again and not even near the 1st 11.[/quote] Agree, can''t quite believe how much faith Adams has in him, yet to see anything to suggest he should be near the starting 11.
  3. Should have included this quote - "So, no, there isn''t any real evidence that Adams sees Redmond as a striker. "
  4. [quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote user="Joanna Grey"]If this £4.5m is set in stone then I hope it does not come back to bite the Board on the bum. Imagine he ends up the leading goalscorer in Ligue 1, is eyed by several BIG clubs and we end up letting him go for a pittance.[/quote]apart from PSG find a decent French side?he''s moved to the European equiavlent of the SPL.... [/quote] Haha and so it starts. He hasn''t even gone there yet and already people are making excuses if he scores regularly there. I suppose if he starts banging them in for Saint Etienne in the Europa League, it''ll be because it''s rubbish compared to the Champions League?
  5. Truly awful from Steve Downes. He should hang his head in shame after writing that. Going into a season, new hope, new manager, Adams was meant to bring all supporters together after Hughton and all Steve Downes can write is that. Right now, van Wolfswinkel is still a Norwich player (admittedly, probably not for long due to small minded fans like Steve Downes) but why not get behind our players instead of writing such trash? I hope van Wolfswinkel proves people like Steve Downes completely wrong and he looks back on that article he wrote and feels very very stupid.
  6. So basically you''re were right. People will see whatever angle they want on it. Him coming out saying he''s happy and can''t wait to be playing again ASAP, suddenly turns into he knew about the move and he''s just playing the fans. Like I said earlier in the thread, the poor guy can''t win. Hope he scores loads for Saint Etienne and you know what? I fully believe he will. 62 goals in 152 before Hughton destroyed his confidence. I look forward to seeing all the "why did we loan him out" messages on here pretty soon. Have a good evening lads :)
  7. "Feel good and Happy! Wanna be back playing ASAP" #ncfc I understand what you''re saying about some tweets could have double meanings and you can sometimes read what you want into them, but you have to bend that tweet from 2 days ago pretty much to the point of breaking point to read anything other than he''s happy and wants to be back playing ASAP. Note the #ncfc hashtag. Sure he didn''t say I can''t wait to be playing for Norwich again, but like I said, if you read into that he can''t wait to be playing for another team even with the Norwich hashtag, I think i''ll just leave it here and we''ll agree to disagree!
  8. Also brought him on against Chelsea when we needed to score to stay in the league and played him up top. I''d have serious questions against Adams if he played Remond as a striker in that game when we needed a goal but doesn''t really see him as a striker.
  9. [quote user="morty"][quote user="cityforever"]"Always good to be back home in Norwich. New season, new focus" If anyone got that he''s not happy and doesn''t want to be here, you''re dead right, people do read whatever they wanted to hear!!![/quote]New season, new focus more says to me "New focus elsewhere" if I''m honest.[;)][/quote] Actually, you make a good point. If we''re just going to change and add words to his tweet, now I come to think about it he could have meant to put this "Always awful to be back home in Norwich. New season, new focus" He hates Norwich!!!!!!!! Get him out!!!!!! ;)
  10. "Always good to be back home in Norwich. New season, new focus" If anyone got that he''s not happy and doesn''t want to be here, you''re dead right, people do read whatever they wanted to hear!!!
  11. You''re forgetting that Adams sees Redmond as a striker. He isn''t a striker, but Adams thinks he is.
  12. [quote user="Branston Pickle"]and for me it takes more than a couple positive tweets from a player to think that he hasn''t wanted away all along players are taught to play the PR game and it is easy to say ''I love it here'' whilst actively seeking a move.[/quote] Yet if Ricky put out a couple of tweets saying he wasn''t happy, I bet you would soon jump on that. But saying he''s happy here and calling Norwich his home, you have to take it with a pinch of salt? Poor guy can''t win, some of our supporters will always have it in for him.
  13. Everything he posted on his twitter was professional and never ever hinted that he wanted away. Bloody hell, he got his shirt number took from him and without moaning about it, his reply was "I guess it''s just a number" 2 days ago - "Feel good and Happy! Wanna be back playing ASAP" #ncfc Good to see Kyle Lafferty score for us. Great start! #ncfc Always good to be back home in Norwich. New season, new focus. Starts now! Doesn''t sound like he wanted to move to me, unless you know of something different?
  14. I have to admit, I feel exactly the same way you do bloodwagon. I am so annoyed that Ricky won''t be given a chance with us this season. Different league now, had a year to settle in, different manager and more importantly, ATTACKING football. It was all set up for him this season, but he''s just being shoved out the back door. It''s no real surprise he''ll be going I guess after Delia made her "Neil Adams done so well at the end of last season bearing in mind he didn''t have any strikers" quote when he was appointed. Seems minds were made up long before he got the job. Adams quote should have been "Clean sheet for everyone apart from Bassong, Becchio and van Wolfswinkel". I guess when he''s scoring every weekend in the top French league, we''ll hear everyone say we should have never loaned him out!
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