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  1. Bradley Johnson should be our next manager..... thoughts?........
  2. the sexual tension between us is just simmering.
  3. On the plus side I haven''t made over 17,000 posts on a forum.
  4. You''re stalking me, that''s cute. Maybe we could date.
  5. English definition of “carrot-top” carrot-top noun [C] /ˈkær.ət.tɒp/ US /ˈker.ət.tɑːp/ informal › a person whose hair is an orange colour: Joe''s blond and Rosie''s a carrot-top. (Definition of carrot-top noun from the Cambridge Advanced Learner''s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press) Focus on the pronunciation of carrot-top
  6. A carrot is orange, as is the TOP of your head. Not very bright, are you?
  7. No probs, carrot top. Mega lolz were had by all.
  8. Sonny, you must have got out of bed the wrong side this morning buh........
  9. Woo hoo, morty is here. The pink ''un mafia is out in force today.
  10. Are you on your monthly? Aggressive young lady.
  11. This is my only account. Shame you can''t take a joke petal.
  12. for not being up the the standard? Please start speaking English, it makes it easier.
  13. If he likes Bradley Johnson then being a plastic is the least of his worries.
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