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  1. I couldn''t be happier 2 eat my words. He has proven himself 2 be a very accomplished midfielder and has well and truly shut me up.the limitations he showed in his overall play in the earlier part of the season are now far outweighed by the player we now see. Well done Johnson.
  2. [quote user="CanaryOne"]Hes a radio presenter who played about with the youths , may as well appoint any local schoolteacher whos side has won something this season . Chances of Adams taking us up ? below zero , in fact i aill stick my neck out and say Ipswich are nailed on to finish above us next season .[/quote] Mourinho started out as an interpreter. He''s ended up winning just about everything you can win. Just because Adams is a former radio presenter shouldn''t be used as a stick to beat him with. Give him a chance.
  3. Malky for me. Best realistic candidate out of those mentioned.
  4. Not 1 person on this thread has said he isn''t good enough. He is probably 1 of our top earners and we can''t afford to keeping paying him top dollar for what he''s shown this season. When we needed our players to stand up and be counted he went missing, not the only one to do so, but as captain he needed to lead by example, and quite frankly he has come miles short of what I, and many other supporters I know, expect from our captain.
  5. [quote user="morty"]But I thought it was all Hughton''s fault, and the players are capable of oh so much more?Thats what people are telling me anyway.[/quote] Hooper aside. All our starting players yesterday are full internationals. You don''t play at that level if your a poor footballer. Which in my mind means that the players are good enough, it''s how they''re being played that is the problem
  6. [quote user="Gingerpele"]First off atmosphere is a load of rubbish.The players don''t care if the fans are making noise. How on earth is a load of indeterminate chanting from the crowd whilst they are focusing on playing football going to help? It doesn''t. The players and manager come out and say the fans were great, but in reality how on earth can it help? And according to every older fan i''ve spoken to on the matter it didn''t happen half as much ''back in the day''.Secondly, clappers aren''t tinpot. The obsession with calling everything like that tinpot, is fact the only thing that is tinpot.Thirdly, our crowd has never been as good as some seem to think, even when we had seventy shots a game under the Messiah...... And when it is, its after we''ve scored a goal. Its not like the fans start screaming with glee 30 seconds before a goal happens is it... [/quote] Even If it helps only 1 of our players play 1 or 2% above there normal ability, that could genuinely be the difference between a win and a loss. With margins so fine in the Premier League every little helps. Even if it is only ''indeterminate chanting'', It could be the difference.
  7. What an unbelievable assessment of our wonderful travelling supporters. I''ve made the long trip back from Southampton an countless other teams many times after defeats and it is horrible. To be called idiots by a faceless keyboard warrior says more about you than them in my opinion.
  8. Bit of both in my opinion. The longer a striker goes without scoring, the harder it becomes. Every miss gets magnified and cranks the pressure up some more. Playing 1 up top for most of the season probably hasn''t helped the cause of our strikers,however it''s the lack of chances we create for them that worries me. Apart from wba away I can''t remember a goal we have scored from a nice, slick through ball for 1 of our strikers to run on to and finish
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